Pet-friendly design ideas for your kitchen and utility room

A house should cater to everyone in the family – including our furry friends. For National Pet Day, we are looking at the latest designs crafted with your pets in mind.

So, if you’ve been looking for pet-friendly design ideas, you’ve come to the right place. While the majority of household pet items can be moved around, such as beds, bowls and crates, you can also design fitted furniture with your furry friends in mind.

We are talking kitchens with integrated pet bowls, islands with built-in beds and dog showers for utilities or bootrooms. There are so many design options these days, plus valuable advice for pet owners, so here are some of our favourites…

Pet-friendly kitchen design ideas
Pet-friendly design ideas: A simple cut-out design for a pet bed by Howdens.

Ideas for your pet: from big to small

There is a lot to think about when it come to designing your house around your pets. Bethany Morgan, pet expert at Doodlebone, breaks down some general advice to get you started…

“There are some easy changes you can make so that your home is more inclusive for your pets. For example, avoid upholstery with fabrics that attract pet hair, like velvet and chenille. Durable fabrics will also be more resistant to damage and reduce the chance of their claws getting caught in the material.

“If you have a larger budget, you can look into building a bathing station next to one of your entryways. It is a great solution to wash muddy paws so that the rest of your house doesn’t become covered in dirt. Similarly, convert one of the lower drawers in your kitchen into a feeding station for your pet. This will help keep their bowls off the floor.

“Additionally, consider converting a kitchen cabinet into a cosy space for your pet’s bed. This will ensure that it is elevated off the floor, away from draughts, and they have their own safe space to go to. For homes with cats, giving them space to climb and play can be built-in as well. Attaching wooden boxes or floating shelves to a wall is a simple way to do this.”

Dog taking a shower
Pet-friendly design ideas: The Hansgrohe DogShower gives your dog the complete spa experience. How luxurious!

Flooring for muddy paws

Even if you only have the vague plan of owning a pet in the future, it might be a wise to consider pet-friendly options now. Flooring is expensive and can cause a lot of hassle to change, so getting it right the first time around is a must.

Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, recommends asking yourself:

“Firstly, will the surface need to be scratch resistant against cats and dogs’ sharp claws?

“Next, how likely is it for accidents to happen? For pets that are not yet housetrained, it may be best considering something that doesn’t harbour stains as much. You also need to consider what is the most comfortable and safe option for you and your pet. Shiny surfaces and stone finishes can be slippery, as well as cold underfoot.

“Lastly, don’t forget to plan for muddy paws, shedding hair and general pet smells. Think durable and hard-wearing rather than high-maintenance when planning floors around your pets.”

Pet-friendly design ideas with bowls and matts
Dog bowls, from £20.99 for a small, Oyoy Zoo.

Built-in options

For those who want to have permanent features installed in their house, there are plenty of options. Your kitchen designer will ask you all about who uses the kitchen, so don’t be afraid to tell them about your pets, too.

“Made-to-measure fitted furniture will help to optimise the space available, so why not get inspired by the idea of an integrated furniture solution in your kitchen, specifically designed to house the family pet?” says Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval.

“It might be the first time you’ve ever thought about considering your family pet as an integral part of the design process. However, the family pet has become a key consideration when planning and designing a kitchen in 2023, with some now being offered with a dedicated dog shower, drinks station and bulk food storage.

“With this mind, fitted furniture is helping to deliver a heightened level of personalisation in the home, as well as optimise a kitchen’s vast storage potential. In fact, our research shows a clear preference for blended living over independent kitchens and living spaces and so, remember that bespoke furniture is set-up for the design and creation of tailor-made schemes that are naturally all-inclusive and innovative for you and your family,” explains Simon.

Pet-friendly kitchen with dog bed built within an island
A custom dog bed addition to the Pembroke kitchen by Daval.

More kitchen design ideas for pets

Pet-friendly design ideas: green utility room with dog bed
Olive and Barr has created a stunning utility room with an integrated dog bed.
Pet-friendly design ideas: dog shower
Installing a ground level butler sink in a bootroom is a simple way to hose down your pets. Kitchen design by Lochanna.

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