Appliance trends: These appliances are the future

With technology ever-evolving, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands all over the world are constantly on a mission to launch innovative and eco-conscious products to simplify and better our day-to-day lives. Be it a new washing machine that can be remotely controlled from your phone, or a fridge that can keep your fruit and veg fresh for longer, as time goes on, it’s fair to say we’re increasingly embracing that smart life.

While I might once have rolled my eyes at kitchen gadgets that can be controlled through my phone or thought ‘what’s the point?’ about an appliance that I can tell to switch on rather than push the button, I have to admit the latest appliance releases are pretty nifty. And the best thing is they’ve moved away from gimmick and are actually really really useful.

Here are the latest ones on my radar…

Appliances that make out homes smarter 

One of the most popular appliance trends I’ve spotted is smart connectivity.

The hOn app

Are you a tech lover? Then, make sure you sit down for this news – Haier Europe is launching its award-winning hOn Smart Home app in the UK! The app has been developed to provide a digital platform to remotely control, monitor, manage and make the most out of all your Haier Europe’s brands’ appliances from your phone or from Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. With the latest technology, AI and advanced sensors, hOn offers a multi-control through touch, voice and smart speakers and is capable of pairing to a product in less than a minute. Plus, the app includes downloadable programmes, lots of recipes, top tips and a chatbot function. It is initially launching in the UK on Hoover’s new H-Wash collection, hOn will then roll out across other products. 

The app will include: 

  • ‘Scan to Care’ from Hoover – photograph washing labels and store them in a virtual wardrobe so they can be discarded  
  • ‘Snap & Wash’ from Candy – a programme is recommended from a photo of the load in front of the washing machine 
  • ‘Optical Washing’ from Haier – this provides advice and guidance on what, how and where items should be stored in a washer from a photo of the basket
appliance trends
‘Scan to Care’ from Hoover, hOn Smart Home app.

App-controlled laundry

Wash clothes with a touch of a button? Yes, please! Italian brand Candy previewed Nova, the new smartphone-connected washing machine, at IFA Berlin 2020. Just by clicking the “on” button and activating the remote control, the washing machine is able to connect to an app, so get ready to control the washing machine hands-free – how cool is that, right? Nova offers over 60 washing cycles and over 500 tips and tricks dedicated to washing – such as how to remove a stain or how to choose the best detergent.

Nova washing machine, Candy.

Bye bye ironing

Ever wondered when we’d be able to put clothes into the closet and magically take them out in pristine condition? Well, I can say I have seen the future – LG launched its Styler, a steam closet, which has the ability to quickly dry clothing, bedding, and even delicates. What’s more, the TrueSteam technology eliminates over 99.9% of germs and bacteria found in clothing and you can control it remotely through the LG ThingQ app. Dreams do come true, right?

appliance trends
LG Styler steam clothing care system S3WF 3 hangers in White.

Appliances that help us cook and entertain like a pros

Did you come out of lockdown a baker or chef? Premium kitchen brands have made it easier for you to cook like a professional in the comfort of your home.

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Intuitive cooking

For example, Smeg‘s elegant Hobd4 range, a one-piece hood and hob combo, is here to make cooking easier and quicker. The new model has four single cooking zones that can be converted into two large multi-zones to maximise the cooking area.

The wine pairing genius

If you love to entertain, then a wine cooler is a must-have. Haier has unveiled their first Mono Zone and Double Zone connected wine cellars that have the humidity control system, protection from external vibrations and an anti-UV door to keep your wine in perfect condition. The latest technology allows you to control different functions through the hOn Smart Home app.  Imagine scanning labels to keep the cellar organised, possible thanks to the partnership with Vivino, personalised suggestions of food pairings based on your preferences and controlling the temperature, all from your phone – music to my ears.

Double Zone wine cooler, Haier.

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Appliances that are all about convenience

One of the latest appliance trends is about functionality and practicality.

Flexible kitchen

Samsung‘s latest technology new Infinite Cooking range is set to complete the hub of your home with an oven and a Combi-hob. The oven can be split into two separate cooking compartments. With a sleek design, the new range is perfect for creating a contemporary look. Plus, the Infinite Cooking oven offers both Steam Assist and Full Steam options along with a convection oven, which allows you to choose from eight different cooking modes with just one appliance – talk about convenience!

appliance trends
Infinite Cooking range, Samsung.

Laundry saviours

LG has made is possible to make the most of your space through the new WashTower – a washing machine and dryer combined into a single practical appliance. It features LG’s TurboWash 360° and Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive technologies for cleaner clothes, plus steam technology for maximum hygiene, which eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria.

LG WashTower

Clever and quick

KitchenAid has come out with the new Artisan K400 Blender, which has a powerful 1.5 peak HP motor – whether you fancy a smoothie on the go, a creamy soup or an evening cocktail, you can make it no time. What’s more, the adaptive motor and Intelli-speed Control recognises ingredients and maintains the optimal speed to create the perfect texture and taste.

appliance trends
Artisan K400 Blender Kyoto Glow, KitchenAid.

Appliances that make our home healthier

We’re all fighting with pollution or allergies, so creating a healthy and clean environment at home has become top of the priority list.

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Cleaner air

Hoover announced H-ABITAT, the first Home Wellbeing Ecosystem for healthier home living which includes three connected appliances. The H-SCANNER monitors the air quality to automatically activate alerts in case of high levels of dust, pollen, and allergens. The H-PURIFIER 700 works to purify the air for a healthier home and the H-GO 700 EXTRA will automatically start cleaning.

H-ABITAT, Hoover.

Appliances that are good for the planet

When choosing appliances, having the sustainability factor in mind has become the norm.

Lower energy consumption

The new Hoover Collection 3 smart hobs are ideal, as they have a power management function that allows you control and set energy consumption.

appliance trends
Collection 3 models in black glass, Hoover.

Keep food fresher for longer

Reduce your amount of waste with Beko‘s new HarvestFresh cooling technology – it mimics natural sunlight to preserve vitamins in vegetables and fruit for up to five days after you’ve bought them. The innovative technology  shines blue light to mimics dawn and the first light of the day, followed by two hours of green light, which replicates midday, with a further six hours of red light, imitating the muted tones of dusk. The drawers then turn dark for 12 hours to mimic night-time.

Have you spotted an appliance trend you’re keen about? Let us know in the comments and tag us using #kbbmag on Instagram.

Featured image: The latest appliance trends, hOn app, Haier.

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