Timeless kitchen design: how to ensure yours won’t date

“Make your choices based on style, as well as finishes and colours that resonate with you. Spend time looking at samples and even living with them for a while. If they make you feel comfortable and happy, you likely won’t tire of them. That’s what makes a timeless kitchen design.

Avoid comparison, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to find the perfect picture of a kitchen online rather than thinking about what you really want. If you work with a good designer, you will see your own scheme develop. It’ll be something that’s been created for you, not to satisfy a trend.”

Grey timeless kitchen design by Halcyon Interiors
Matt lacquer timeless kitchen design with textured laminate mix, from Halcyon Interiors. Prices start from £35,000.
Perimeter cabinetry is in Sweep and the island in Soot, bespoke finishes from Humphrey Munson. The Brampton Limestone flooring is from H M Flooring Library. Kitchens start from £60,000 excluding appliances. Photography: Paul Craig.

Timeless kitchen design: the colours

“Classic shades don’t date, just like natural finishes. For example, you tend not to tire of surfaces such as granite or quartz that imitate marble. I also often encourage homeowners not to go for a navy blue kitchen, but to choose a warm anthracite grey shade instead as I know the colour stands the test of time. 

Think with an element of practicality too, so your timeless kitchen design won’t only look great but also work well for years to come. This ensures your scheme won’t annoy you, which is one of the most common reasons why people change their kitchens. If you ensure everything works comfortably right from the start, your scheme will bring you joy and make your life easier for much longer.”

Shaker in-frame cabinetry, from John Lewis of Hungerford, painted in Flour. Photography: Ryan Wicks.
Classic white, sleek, German kitchen design
White timeless kitchen design in Chiswick, from Halcyon Interiors.

Buy nice or buy twice

“Going for quality kitchen brands is also a great way to keep your space timeless. I find they’re not so influenced by trends. Many of them present neutral palettes, plus their cabinetry wears well and doors stay aligned even with heavy everyday use.

This also goes for appliances. Opt for the ones that really work for you and you can see yourself using for years to come, rather than opting for something you know you won’t use much. Make sure that you spend your time choosing features that you really need and don’t get something just for the sake of it. Avoid the fashion finishes in favour of enduring designs that look just as good but won’t be ‘out’ a year down the line.”

Whichever part of your kitchen you’re designing, consider its longevity. Most trends are short lived, but good quality will last decades and transcend fashion. Think of it as being a bit more like Vivienne Westwood rather than Zara.

Graham Robinson, showroom manager at Halcyon Interiors
Middleton country cabinetry in Atelier Ellis’ Firle true eggshell with Bianco Eclipse quartzite worktops. Middleton Bespoke kitchens start from £30,000. Photography: Polly Eltes.

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