What is the best radiator for your kitchen or bathroom?

Central heating, one of the great joys of modern life, has become very refined: the boring, white heated panels of yesteryear have been replaced by hi-tech, eye-catching radiators in every colour under the sun.

We speak to the experts and give you the lowdown on the best radiators for kitchens and bathrooms…

What is the best radiator for a kitchen?

James Bacon, the head of customer services at Bathroom Mountain recommends double panel convector radiators. “These are widely used in the UK and have a couple of key attributes that make them an efficient choice. Having two panels and fins in between, they have an increased surface area, compared with their single-panel counterparts,” he says. “Plus, their design promotes better heat retention, ensuring that the room stays warm for longer periods, even when the heating is off.”

2 column radiator
Alpha Anthracite column radiator H600mm x W1164mm 2 column, £244, UK Radiators.

If, like most of us, you spend half your life in the kitchen, Jess Steele, the heating and technology expert at BestHeating, has some good advice: “Because they are they’re usually connected to outside spaces, kitchens can be draughty so require a more powerful radiator. Aluminium ones are a great option for kitchens as they provide heating power, but also have the ability to cool down quickly. This is an important feature when you’re cooking with multiple heat sources; the kitchen can become too hot so having the ability to turn the heating on and off straight away is perfect.

“For larger kitchens I recommend vertical radiators, they make a great statement piece and liven up empty walls as well as providing a powerful heat source.”

Marseille white double vertical mirror radiator 1800x500mm, £369.99, Bathroom Mountain.

Which material should you opt for?

“Low-carbon steel would be the most balanced choice for the best heat output. Aluminium heats up more quickly, but will also cool down quickly as well. Cast iron may retain heat for longer but takes the longest to heat up,” advises James.

What is the best radiator for a bathroom?

Stepping into the bathroom, radiator rules are really changing says Peter Woodward, the marketing manager of Harrison Bathrooms

“The bathroom is fast becoming a place to showcase interior innovation – and there are plenty of inexpensive ways to keep the room warm without breaking the bank,” says Peter. “The traditional towel rail is an affordable option with the added luxury spa feel of warm towels. Space-saving is also crucial for many bathroom designs, so a slimline radiator can add warmth without being domineering.”

towel heater
Waffle radiator, designed by Piero Lissoni in Verde Brentonico, price on application Antrax IT.

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