What is the best way to store wine?

Are you looking to keep your wine in the best condition? We’ve got top tips and ideas on how to properly store your favourite bottles.

Let’s raise a glass to innovative wine fridges and luxurious cellars! If you are a wine lover, you need to keep your valuable vintages or sparkling wines in the best condition. So, KBB journo Yvette Filer has consulted wine experts to find the best way to store yours. Plus, we take a look at the latest wine fridges to help you find the right storage solution for you…

 Wine room with illuminations
Wine room, similar design for 300 bottles costs around £7,500, Spiral Cellars.

What is the best wine storage?

Those who enjoy a glass of wine or two know that different types are best served at particular temperatures. If you like to keep a few bottles on hand for dinner parties, it’s worth investing in the appropriate storage, as well as freeing up space in your existing fridge. 

Wooden wine fridge
400 series RW466365 Vario wine cabinet, price on application, Gaggenau.

“Historically, wine would have been kept hidden away in the basement – somewhere that was naturally cool and humid and where it could lie undisturbed, away from direct sunlight,” explains Lucy Hargreaves, owner and managing director at Spiral Cellars.

“However, since modern homes don’t typically have a basement, you not only have to find a suitable wine space elsewhere in the property but also mechanically create the environmental conditions so important for wine preservation,” she adds. 

Wooden wine storage
Stanley kitchen, starts from £35,000, Roundhouse.

Ways to store your favourite bottles

From freestanding cabinets to built-in coolers, there’s a variety of different solutions to accommodate all sorts of wine collections and to suit all budgets.

While it’s preferable to plan your wine storage when designing your new kitchen, the option of a standalone cooler or getting creative with the placement of your wine is still possible.

For example, you could convert a pantry or below-stairs area. Or, if the space allows it, a dedicated cupboard placed near your dining area could be the ideal spot to serve drinks.

And if you want to have your wine on display within an open-plan space, you’ll need to consider the environment around it as well. 

Wine room under some stairs
Tom Howley kitchens start from £25,000.

What to consider when looking for wine storage

“Kitchens today, with bi-folding doors and stone flooring with underfloor heating, add a level of complexity because both the light and the heat can affect the wine,” says Jo Jackson, head of product management at Fisher & Paykel UK & Ireland. “UV light can create hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine, which affect the tannins and the colour, but if you source a good appliance, with UV tempered glass and dimmed LED lighting, you can protect against this.” 

Kitchen with bar
Bespoke Ledbury Studio kitchens start from £70,000.

Vibration can be detrimental to wine, too. “It’s a particularly important consideration for housing red wines,” says Simon Plumbridge, category manager at Gaggenau. “That’s why we have included anti-vibration mechanisms on our compressors. The aim is to prevent any disturbance to the sediment in the wine, thereby preserving its quality.”

Small bar area with bottle fridge
Wine cooler 60cm-wide, £2,445, Fisher & Paykel.

How to properly store your wine

There are three key features to note when selecting wine storage:

  • Temperature
    Adjustable temperature is key for keeping wine from ageing prematurely. Coolers should range from 5°C to 20°C. Choose models with multi-zone climate control to store all your wine in one place.

    It’s worth remembering that the optimum temperature at which to store your wines differs from type to type. “White wine, such as Pinot Gris, should be served at 8 to 10°C,” says Jo Jackson at Fisher & Paykel. “Pinot Noir should be stored around 14°C and sparkling wine around 6°C. By having a dedicated wine-storage appliance, you can set the required temperatures with ease.” 
  • UV protection
    Light can affect the taste of wine. Ensure the door of your cooler features UV-tempered glass if you fit it in a bright space.
  • Flexibility
    Moveable shelving lets you maximise the number of different-sized bottles you can store in your wine fridge. 
Large intergraded fridge
Searle & Taylor kitchens from £20,000.

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