Which of these boiling-water taps is right for you?

Wish your cuppa was ready in an instant? Tired of your kettle taking up too much space on your worktop? Want something to really impress (show off to) guests? Then, my friend, it sounds like you’re in need of a boiling-water tap.

These days, a boiling-water tap is simply a must-have piece in the kitchen. They’re perfect for making tea and coffee in a rush, can help prepare vegetables, cook pasta, and can even save water and energy compared to using a kettle. But what do they do, I hear you ask?

Well, the latest boiling-water taps provide instant hot water ranging from around 75°C to 100°C at the push of a button or swivel of a lever. If you are looking for a tap that does it all, a 4-in-1 design will also give you  filtered drinking water plus normal hot and cold.

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A 3-in-1 tap, on the otherhand, dispenses boiling-hot water along with the regular hot and cold. However, if you simply want to add a boiling-water tap, there are also plenty of standalone models to coordinate with your kitchen mixer design.

But which boiling-water tap is right for you? You’ll need to take into account things like; how much space is there under your sink? What type of sink do you have? Visually, too; do you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen? What colour is the rest of your brassware?

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Take it from me, I’ve interviewed many, many homeowners who said once they got a boiling-water tap, they never looked back. Some even say it’s their favourite thing in their kitchen! So, if this sounds like something you want in your life, I’ve put a selection of the latest models below to help you decide. Happy choosing…

(P.S. Once you’ve picked, don’t forget to check out our article on how to buy a boiling-water tap.)

boiling-water tap
Blanco’s EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 tap, £2100, has a rotary dial allowing you to set the exact amount of filtered boiling or cold flow required. A five-stage filter system ensures balanced water. The 100°C water is delivered instantly, in a controlled anti-spray stream from a 4-litre hot water tank made from titanium, with a built-in digital  flow-meter that lets you know when the filter needs replacing.
Qettle Signature modern
Qettle’s Signature Modern 4-in-1 boiling-water tap is  nished in brass, with a four-litre boiler tank and under-sink  lter system, priced £985. It dispenses 100°C water,  ltered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold. The taps are engineered in the UK from solid stainless steel and come complete with a boiler tank and under-sink  filter system. Available in brass, copper, matt black, and gunmetal finishes, as well as the tap’s natural buffed stainless steel.
boiling-water tap
Franke’s Minerva Helix 4-in-1 electronic instant boiling-water tap is available in Industrial Black (shown), Industrial Copper, and Industrial Gold. It offers push-button functionality, plus pre-set 30 and 60-second programmes that are ideal for filling saucepans. A standard mains hot and cold flow is operated by a separate joy-stick lever. Priced £1599 for the coloured  finishes and £1549 for stainless steel.
Pronteau Prothia Quad
The Pronteau Prothia Quad 3-in-1 hot water tap from Abode delivers a  flow at 98°C, perfect for that morning cup of tea, as well as standard hot and cold. The compact PB2X boiler  fits neatly under the sink, to maximise on storage. It comes in  five  finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, brushed brass, urban copper, and the shown matt black. The tap is also available with a swan spout. It costs from £599.
boiling-water tap
Perrin & Rowe’s, 1307 Parthian Mini instant hot tap in aged brass, priced £1158, includes pre-set temperatures ranging from 75°C to 98°C controlled by digital touch screen display with an anti-scald mechanism. It sits alongside a main kitchen tap, 4172 Ionian Mixer with side rinse, £895.68, handily placed for an instant cup of tea or coffee.
Hotspot Titanium Adrianna
Featured Image: The Hotspot Titanium Adrianna 3-in-1 boiling-water tap in matt black guarantees a smooth 100°C flow at the push of a button, plus filtered hot and cold water. It has a corrosion-proof titanium water tank and compact heater measuring W21cmwide x 28.5cm-deep x 32.5cm-high. £1199 for a four-litre model.
boiling-water tap
The Quooker Nordic mono boiling-water tap is matched with the Nordic mixer tap in polished chrome, from £1200 for the set with angular or round spouts. The mono tap provides 100°C boiling water and is height adjustable. It is also well insulated, so remains cool to the touch, while the safety system is activated by a double push mechanism to stop accidentally dispensing boiling water.
Insinkerator HC3300
Insinkerator’s HC3300 hot-water tap, £699.99, dispenses both filtered steaming hot and  filtered ambient cold water with single handle operation. It has a compact water tank of 2.5 litres that takes up little cupboard space, plus features a digital, adjustable thermostat to set the desired water temperature and hot water push-lever locking mechanism for safety. Available in brushed steel, polished chrome, or satin black, as shown.
boiling-water tap
CDA’s TH100c 3-in-1 instant hot tap delivers water at 98°C from a 2.4-litre non pressurized tank with electronic display, which sits neatly below the sink. The entire system is Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved, made from high-quality chrome with ceramic disc cartridges. The spout rotates through 360 degrees for easy  filling of pots and pans. It costs £590.

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