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Of all the rooms in my home, which is the least organised? Surprise: it’s not the kitchen. However, it’s second only to the bathroom on the list of spaces which are never as organised as I’d like.

Of course, I see plenty of kitchen storage ideas every day, from large changes to small solutions that make life easier. And yet I can never quite solve the conundrum of what goes where, and how I should best organise our kitchen.

Red Portland Kitchen
Portland three-drawer sideboard, from £1129, and Portland medium half-glazed dresser, from £1944, The Painted Furniture Company.

It doesn’t help that, while my forks somehow always vanish, I own more pots and pans than I could ever need.

I’m 95% of the way there, but that remaining 5% is problematic. Whether it’s finding a place for my favourite noodles (which come in unconveniently long packages) or stashing the extra pot of fermented chilli paste I always have on hand, it’s never *quite* right.

This design is from Life Kitchens, price on application.

So, in the interests of sorting out my own life and helping you order yours, I took a deep dive into kitchen storage ideas. From large-ticket solutions like new cabinets to small changes you can make so your existing layout works harder, there is plenty of advice out there.

Shall we have a look?

Garden trading kitchen storage ideas
Assorted storage jars, from £5 for a small square container, Garden Trading.

How do I figure out which kitchen storage ideas are for me?

Look at your layout and think about where things are located, for example. It makes sense to keep pots and pans by the hob – but why not store them in large, deep drawers rather than a cabinet? It’ll save you having to rummage around in the back only to reach that elusive small saucepan. (I might be speaking from experience here…)

What do you frequently use? And which appliances or crockery is only whisked out a handful of times a year? Store them accordingly – so keep often-needed stuff safe, and items that you need less frequently can be kept slightly out of the way.

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This is Schmidt‘s Grillage storage system. Prices for a full kitchen start from £10,000.

And if you’re on the shorter end of the spectrum – or, alternatively, very tall – think about which storage is easy to reach. Sure, I could have cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling. But what’s the point if I need to step on a ladder every time I want to get something from the top?

If you’re tall, on the other hand, you might not want to bend down all the time, and high-level storage is perfect for you.

In short: look at your individual needs and wants, and then decide.

Brandt Kitchens
Heritage furniture, from £25,000 for a kitchen, Brandt Design.

What’s out there, though?

I’m not joking when I say there’s a lot. Every time I think I’ve seen everything there is, someone comes up with a clever new idea to make life easier.

Take plates, for example: who said you have to store them in a traditional cabinet? Many kitchen companies have actually designed drawers with plate insets, which allow you to simply lift out the whole stack. This is so convenient when you set the table.

John Lewis of hungerford
Kitchen by John Lewis of Hungerford, price on application.

There are also units that make use of corners which are otherwise dead space, by turning them into pull-out cabinets. That’s a lot of space that’s suddenly available – perfect if you have lots of things to stash away.

Also think about having a dedicated breakfast cupboard (very popular!). It will help make mornings less stressful, as you’ll have everything in one place. It’s also a great way to save worktop space, as you can tuck your toaster and coffee machine away.

Okay, but what are the kitchen storage ideas which will make my home *really* efficient?

Take stock of everything you need to store. And yes – I really mean everything. From pots and pans to your collection of spices and other small bits and bobs – make a detailed inventory.

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Harvey Jones kitchen storage ideas
Arbor kitchen, from £25,000, Harvey Jones.

Do you always buy the same bottles of oil and vinegar? Then measure their height, so you can be sure they’ll perfectly fit into your cabinet. Do you have lots of little spice jars? A staggered storage ‘staircase’ is a great idea, as you’ll see all the little labels without needing to lift lots of pots.

Also try to use every bit of space you can. The inside of doors, for example, is a great spot to fit a spice rack. Once again, it keeps all the little jars organised so you can spot what you need at a glance. Alternatively, they’re great places to hang utensils.

More handy kitchen storage ideas

Not a Boring Box
Acacia spice rack, £50, and glass spice jars, from £4 each, Not A Boring Box.

Decant dry ingredients such as pasta and rice into storage jars, too. Not only will it mean the inside of your larder is pleasing to look at, but having containers of the same size also makes it easy to stay organised.

As for your drawers, look at inserts to keep everything in its place. You already use them for cutlery, but they’re also handy for organising tools such as knives, pan flippers or measuring spoons. (If you have little children, make sure there’s a safety feature that prevents them from getting to the knives.)

Kitchen storage ideas drawer inlay
This drawer solution was designed by Simon Taylor Furniture. Bespoke kitchens start from £40,000.

Don’t think you have enough space to fit everything in? A small cart is ideal for keeping spices and bottles of oil on hand. It’ll free up cabinet space and you can simply wheel it around your kitchen as you please, so it’s never in the way.

So, what do you think? Are there any kitchen storage ideas you think we missed?

Featured image: Rotpunkt‘s Memory RI vertical grove door in Old Forest Oak is shown with the Zerox furniture. Rotpunkt’s RI kitchen range starts from £15,000.

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