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Bathroom storage ideas required? If you think they aren’t, take a good look around your bathroom. Do you really have enough space in which to store everything? Or do your countertops look a little too cluttered for your liking? I’m confident enough to say I’m firmly in category two – my array of skincare products has slowly taken over.

Bathroom storage ideas are a must. It’s no secret, really, but enough bathroom storage is key for a successful scheme. You need a place for all those towels, brushes, bottles of shampoo and more.

Luxury Bath Company storage ideas
Morley luxury bathroom wall unit, from £225 each; Morley luxury bathroom vanity in gloss Indigo, from £395 each, all from The Luxury Bath Company.

And that’s before you consider all the little bits and bobs that are surprisingly hard to store. For example, I have a whole collection of sheet masks. In an ideal world, I’d have them all sorted into little compartments, separated by their purpose or material. However, in reality, I’ve yet to find the perfect storage solution for them.

But I do have some good news: boy, do we have some great bathroom storage ideas for you in this feature.

And remember, tidying isn’t only good for your room’s aesthetic; it’s also good for your soul.

Big Bathroom Shop vanity
Milano Henley antique traditional vanity unit with countertop basins, £419.99, Big Bathroom Shop.

How should I choose my bathroom storage?

When it comes to dreaming up bathroom storage ideas, start by looking at the item(s) you need to store. If you’re a big family and have lots of towels, think about storing them in multiple cabinets. For example, you could separate them by size, or have a shelf for each member of the family.

Keep towels that are currently in use tidy and close to hand with a towel rail. You could install an extra shelf above it for surplus towels, too – a great idea if floor space is limited.

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bubbles towel radiator
Bubbles towel warmer, from £552, The Radiator Centre.

Think about having a vanity unit as a central element of your bathroom storage, to keep everyone’s essentials within easy reach. These could comprise such eclectic fare as hair bobbles, cosmetics and a shaving kit.

Also think about including a mirrored cabinet instead of a simple mirror in your room, to boost your storage. It’s the ideal place to keep toothbrushes, for example. If you include a shaver socket, you can charge them right there.

bathroom storage mirror
Cubiko black storage mirror, £105, Beaumonde.

If you want to include a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, don’t just consider aesthetics. Remember that it should be out of reach of little hands and, ideally, securely locked for extra safety.

Hang the cabinet in a safe place, or store any medication high up in the mirrored cabinets or in another unit.

Bathroom storage ideas are all very well, but is there a way I can optimise my bathroom storage?

Of course! Once your big storage is sorted, it’s always a good idea to turn your sight towards the internal layouts and see how you can make them work better.

Circling back to my sheet mask example, the simplest solution would be to have a few small baskets, so I can separate and organise them to my heart’s content.

bathroom storage reeves victoria plum
Reeves Nouvel Quadro-tall fitted furniture and mirror combination in black with mineral grey worktop, £1454.99, Victoria Plum.

These are also good for the really small things such as hair bobbles or bobby pins, which frequently get lost.

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The same applies to bottles of lotion or shampoo. Cabinets with moveable internal shelving are great, as they allow you to adjust the different compartments so they perfectly fit whatever you need to store.

Is putting everything away after a shower only to get it out again the next time too much of a bother? Then why not make your bathroom storage a little more flexible? Opt for a smart caddy that fits into your cabinet and fit all your essentials in there. That way, all you have to do is take out the caddy, do your thing, and put it back again once you’re done.

Planning a bigger renovation?

Of course, if you’re planning a larger bathroom project, it’s also a good idea to build a niche into the shower enclosure’s wall, so you can keep your shampoo, conditioner and more right there – no moving required.

bathroom storage caddy
Amazon Basics bathroom storage organiser caddy in grey, £12.67, Amazon.

However, when planning your bathroom storage, bear in mind that some things aren’t meant to be kept in the bathroom. This often includes medication and cosmetics, but remember that a bathroom is a generally humid space where the temperature might fluctuate – so take that into account when taking stock.

Once you’ve implemented all of these bathroom storage ideas, there’s only one thing left to do: enjoy your newly organised space. It’ll be so satisfying to use.

Featured image: Lustre wallbasin unit and wall cupboard with full-length mirror, price on application, Utopia.

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