Single-framed shower panels to add glamour to your bathroom

Single-framed shower panel with fluted finish

I don’t know about you, but I love sleek, fuss-free schemes. Whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom, they always look so effortlessly luxurious. Bathrooms in particular are calm and relaxing – exactly what you want. But how do you achieve this? We show you how one key element can make a difference.

Single-framed shower panels can help you create a sleek, luxurious scheme without adding any fuss. They suit many bathroom looks, from traditional to contemporary.

But what does this style actually entail?

A single-frame shower panel can contain splashes
Harbour Alchemy easy clean walk-in panel, from £279.99, Drench.

Single-framed shower panels

These styles of enclosures are, as the name suggest, a single panel of glass. The frame comes in different finishes, from brass to matt black. You’ll also find some that have no frame at all, or some that are so thin they are basically invisible.

However, what you won’t find in this feature are shower panels mimicking steel-framed glazing. This industrial style is, of course, enduring popular and continues to be – but it doesn’t fit the topic.

Shower enclosures with coloured glass create a focal point in your bathroom
Dichroic inline panel, £2819 for this configuration, The Shower Lab.

Effortlessly chic and flexible, single-framed shower panels can be fitted in a multitude of ways. Whether you want to create a large walk-in design to rival a wetroom or are simply after a more traditional look, these are the elements you need.

How to fit your single-frame shower panel

There are many ways to install these shower enclosures. You can either opt for slim wall brackets, ideally in a matching finish. However, you could also choose contrasting finishes – for example brass brackets paired with a black frame – to add a small focal point.

A curved single-frame shower panel looks elegant but is still unobtrusive
Volente curved walk-in 970 shower enclosure panel, £301, Bathroom Deal.

Single-frame shower panels may also come as full-height designs, meaning they reach from the floor to the ceiling. In that case, they can also be fixed to the ceiling.

Always double check with your installer to see which is suitable for you.

A simple clear shower enclosure
Copenhagen easy clean polished aluminium shower panel, from £119.99, Bathroom Mountain.

What finishes are out there?

Apart from plain sheets of glass, single-framed shower panels also come in a range of finishes.

Coloured glass is available, for example, and can add a striking focal point to your space. Plus, of course, fluted finishes are popular in this area of your home, too. Pair them with a metallic frame to add an Art Deco feel to your bathroom.

Shower panels with gold mesh add glamour
EauZone framed wetroom panel with mesh glass in gold, £4207.20, Matki.

And finally, there are panels with metal netting woven into them, which looks glamorous. Especially in an otherwise pared-back bathroom, these act as a design highlight that will draw the eye.

A recess with a single-framed shower panel
Gallery 10 brushed brass recess with double panel, £1151, Crosswater.

Are there any other ways I can integrate these into my bathroom?

While creating an enclosure is the logical first choice for single-framed shower panels, there are – of course – other options, too.

You could use them to create a privacy screen between the WC and the wider room. This works especially well if you use a fluted finish that isn’t fully clear.

A fluted single-framed shower panel
Shower panels can be used to screen your WC from the rest of the room. Eurosmart Cosmopolitan two-hole basin mixer in chrome, price on application, Grohe.

If you have an even larger space, you can even use these single-framed shower panels to section off a dressing area, or maybe create a wet zone combining a bath and large walk-in shower.

So, which one will you choose?

Featured image: A fluted glass shower panel was used in this family bathroom featuring a natural brass frame to match the unlacquered brass shower fittings and taps. This panel is available in a variety of size and finish options, price on application, from Aston Matthews.

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