Rattan bedroom furniture ideas: shop the look

Rattan is an ancient material that’s been making a beautiful comeback in recent years. Let’s find out how you can weave it into your bedroom.

Rattan can often be confused with wicker but – to clarify – rattan is the material and wicker is the weaving method. Various materials and methods can be used to create different patterns, but as rattan is made from palm trees, it has a more delicate weave. You’ll find a huge array of rattan bedroom furniture to suit your personal style and budget.

And, as rattan can be made from hundreds of types of palm trees, it is a sustainable material. However, traditional rattan can come with a hefty price tag as it uses handmade methods, so even a simple design can take many hours to achieve — not forgetting the decades needed to perfect the method. I tried a weaving class once and it is not easy!

Rattan bedroom furniture for your home

There are a lot of ways to use rattan in the bedroom. The beautiful simplicity of the weave makes it look good in a variety of uses – from headboards to bedside tables. Rattan beds look especially wonderful, and if you need more ideas, we have a post dedicated to this very topic.

Rattan bedroom furniture: Rattan headboard
Luana rattan double headboard, £209.22, Out & Out.
Rattan bed with black rattan bedside table.
Venice 2-drawer bedside table in rattan and black mango wood, £249, Desser & Co.
Rattan bedside table with brass lamp
Lombok woven bedside table, £395, French Bedroom.

Co-ordinating rattan

As rattan is a subtle design feature, it means you can add a lot of different elements into the room without it feeling overwhelming. Why not match a rattan desk or a large chair with a lamp or a headboard?

Also, don’t feel constricted by this material. It appears in a number of different trends, from 70s revival to cottagecore – it is not really a trend on its own, so you have so many different style options. Go wild!

Rattan bedroom furniture: Vanity and bedside table with rattan weave
Roma bedside table, £195, Ella James.

Rattan sideboards

The rattan weave is such an intricate and beautiful pattern and deserves to be the main focus of a piece of bedroom furniture. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The humble sideboard is a great way to showcase the rattan weave with its large panels. For extra styling points, match the décor items to the colour of the weave.

Rattan bedroom furniture: Rattan sideboard,
Frances woven rattan 3-door sideboard in Natural, £199.99, DaAl’s.
White rattan sideboard.
Elin rattan sideboard, £895, Sweetpea & Willow.
sideboard with textured front
Matilda sideboard in Ash and Natural Rope, £949, Housecosy.
circular rattan cabinet for storage
Circular rattan cabinet, £485, Lime Lace.

Shop the look

Need a bit more rattan bedroom furniture inspiration? We’ve got you covered….

1. Hoffman rattan chair, £175, Where Saints Go. 2. Lambert accent chair in Natural and oak, £349, Cult Furniture. 3. Two tone Mid Century rattan pendant, £195, Ella James. 4. Kyoto cupboard, £1149, Idyll Home. 5. Letto rattan 3-drawer chest, £950, Sazy. 6. French wicker cabinet, £265, Rockett St George. 7. Bloomingville Rattan Otto bedroom cabinet, £239, Cuckooland. 8. Ensia tall rattan table lamp, £109, Lights & Lamps.

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