5 features to consider when buying a smart tap for your kitchen

Buying a smart tap for your kitchen can be quite exciting (well, we think so!), as there are so many possible options and features available. The humble tap, for example, now offers so many extra features aside from basic hot and cold water. And the thing that is topping many a wish list: instant boiling water. But it’s all too easy to overlook some of the other additional features when buying a new multi-functional smart tap.

Before we get into the benefits of owning a smart tap, it’s worth mentioning that you need to know whether your home has a low, high, or even non-pressurised water system. It may seem an obvious consideration, but getting this right means built-in features designed to provide the best flow of water can be fully utilised.

Always check the smart taps you’re searching for exactly meet your requirements, too – there’s no point in spending money on features you won’t be making the most of.

So what features can you have on a smart tap?

Instant boiling water

The boiling-water tap has become a total must-have in the kitchen. Instant boiling water that is delivered safely has been a key reason for this. The new EVOL-S Pro Hot and Filter tap from BLANCO, for example, gives you 100⁰C hot water in a controlled anti-spray stream. The 4-in-1 tap also has a titanium, 4-litre hot tank for added hygiene and taste-free water for that perfect cuppa.


Talking of filtered water, a good filtering system is important if you want improved quality of water from your smart tap – even more so for those who live in hard-water areas. Filtering can reduce limescale, which may affect the taste of your drinks, and help protect you from other toxins.

If you’re going to spend on your new kitchen tap, you’ll want the fundamentals as standard. BLANCO’s EVOL-S Pro Filter tap, the 3-in-1 version of the sister product mentioned above, offers both boiling filtered and cold filtered water that is processed through a five-stage filter system – guaranteed pure filtered water!

Exact measurements

If you need to be precise when cooking or baking, a tap with an integrated measuring function is a godsend. Closely following a recipe such as bread dough is so much easier when your tap can dispense the exact amount of water you need – not to mention economical and environmentally friendly.

The BLANCO EVOL-S Volume tap provides the exact amount of water you need, because of its integrated measuring cup function. It can also be custom-set using the precise rotary control and intuitive touch operation. If The Great British Bake Off has taught us anything, it’s that culinary success can often be down to the finest of margins. The EVOL-S Pro models above deliver the boiling or filtered water via the measuring function and a separate spout, ensuring no water or energy waste and perfect water every time.

BLANCO’s EVOL-S Volume tap has a rotary control that delivers exactly the right amount of water.
Easy maintenance

It’s a good idea to look for features that can help your tap stay in top shape, such as a digital meter to keep an eye on the state of its filter. Some brands offer an alert function that will let you know when it’s time to change the cartridge. This is ideal for extra protection and to keep the whole system functioning well.

Extra hygiene

You might want to think about the material used for your tap’s boiler tank. Copper and stainless steel can affect the taste of your water – and you don’t want that all-important morning cup of tea tasting funny. Consider a titanium tank for a more hygienic and taste-free option.

A titanium tank is more hygienic and offers taste-free water.

Blanco has over 90 years’ experience producing industry-leading kitchen products. For more information on Blanco smart taps, please visit blanco.co.uk/smarttaps.

This article has been created in partnership with BLANCO.

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