Brighter Bathing: how to save water and energy

While we’re all consciously trying to make more eco-friendly choices, saving water and energy shouldn’t have to mean denying yourself the occasional bath.

How, we hear you ask? The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) suggests making your bath go further with a greywater recycling system. These filter the water to be used for garden irrigation or flushing toilets.

Water isn’t the only way to avoid waste: cold-start taps can prevent the unintentional operation of the boiler, preventing energy wastage.

Brighter Bathing scheme
Love a bath? Save water and energy with the BMA’s Brighter Bathing scheme. Photography: Aleksei Naumov

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) says 35% of us don’t always recycle plastic waste in the bathroom. So, if you’re not wanting to change your plumbing, why not simply have two bins – or include a dedicated space in your furniture – making it easier to drive up your recycling rate.

The BMA’s Brighter Bathing scheme is about moving towards greener behaviours in the bathroom without compromising your experience. Clever product choices can be a great first step. The BMA will be sharing more advice on this topic – and you’ll likely see much more of its Brighter Bathing duck, who is affectionately called Brian, in the coming months.

Brighter Bathing duck

Top 10 bathroom recyclables*

1 Shampoo bottles

2 Conditioner bottles

3 Shower gel and bubble bath bottles

4 Cardboard boxes such as toothpaste or soap boxes

5 Toilet roll tubes

6 Bathroom cleaner and bleach bottles, including spray dispensers

7 Deodorants

8 Shaving foam

9 Hand soap bottles, with the pump dispenser removed and thrown away

10 Moisturiser bottles

*according to Recycle Now

A core focus of the BMA is sustainability – through the tireless work of its members on product innovation, striving for net zero carbon, or with its advice to homeowners to make greener choices.

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For more information, visit the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.

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This article has been created in partnership with the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.

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