Cleaner bathroom: make yours more hygienic with these products

cleaner bathroom

Do you want a cleaner bathroom? We do too. Luckily, there are exciting product features available from VitrA. They make getting your bathroom clean super-easy.

As the saying goes: cleanliness is next to godliness, and a cleaner bathroom is a great example of this. So to get your bathroom sparkling clean, check out the following features from VitrA.

Firstly: the VitrA Hygiene glaze

Firstly, the VitrA Hygiene glaze is a unique glazing process developed by VitrA that stops germs from multiplying – making your bathroom more hygienic. From washbasins to WCs, bidets to urinals, all of VitrA’s sanitaryware is coated with the VitrA Hygiene glaze. This offers superior hygiene throughout the product’s lifetime.

cleaner bathroom
Sento toilet featuring the VitrA Hygiene glaze.

Secondly: VitrA Clean for a cleaner bathroom

Secondly, VitrA Clean is a surface finish that makes VitrA sanitaryware incredibly easy to care for. This special glazing process increases surface tensions, so the water flows easily from the surface. The only thing needed to keep your basin clean is a wipe with a damp cloth and the use of a mild detergent. This makes cleaning easier and keeps your bathroom looking its best. VitrA Clean is on a variety of basins including the Outline range.

Thirdly: touch-free taps and soap dispensers

Thirdly, VitrA’s touch-free taps and soap dispensers are motion-sensored. So this means you don’t have to touch them to turn them on. This reduces the number of contact points and therefore promotes better hygiene.

VitrA Origin touchless basin mixer and soap dispenser in brushed nickel.

Quick release toilet seats 

No more struggling to get into tricky nooks and crannies in your toilet in your quest for a cleaner bathroom. The screw-free fitting of the Quick Release VitrA WC Seat makes it easy to remove and refit after cleaning.

Lastly: Rim-ex (rimless) toilets for a cleaner bathroom

VitrA’s rimless WC pan technology takes away one of the most unhygienic aspects of traditional WC design. This is where hard-to-clean rims can harbour germs and allow them to multiply unchecked. The unique design of VitrA’s Rim-ex pans includes a water diverter to direct the flush around the bowl, which can be removed easily for cleaning. This leaves you with a much cleaner bathroom.

cleaner bathroom
A cleverly designed Rim-ex toilet from VitrA.

We created this feature in partnership with VitrA.

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