Shower toilet ideas for a hygienic and eco-friendly bathroom

Looking to reduce your waste in the bathroom? Enter: shower toilets. They provide a next-level cleaning experience while helping you cut down on your toilet paper usage, which requires water and energy to produce.

Did you know that, according to Waterwise, an estimate of 30% of the water consumed in the home is used just to flush the toilet? Not only that, the Confederation of Paper Industries has reported that the UK uses 1.3m tonnes of toilet paper each year. Well, here comes the twist – households with shower toilets installed reduce the use of toilet paper by an average of 75%. Sounds good to us!

Thanks to VitrA, you can now choose from a variety of shower toilets to significantly reduce your toilet paper waste. From Aquacare, with its integrated water jet, to the versatile V-Care with water cleaning functions including different pressures, adjustable temperature and positions, drying features, a comfortable heated seat and more, there are so many options to choose from.

shower toilet in green bathroom
The V-Care shower toilet comes with many functions, such as adjustable water temperature, heated seat, drying options and air purification.

Shower toilets are fast growing in popularity as they are the perfect blend between comfort and function. They’re multi-functional, space-saving and a more hygienic option for an eco-friendly bathroom.

Intrigued? Here is our breakdown of shower toilet designs to help you reduce your bathroom waste…

Shower toilet ideas:


The Aquacare shower toilet requires no electrical connection, so you can easily swap your old toilet with this clever solution. It features a subtle, integrated bidet and you can choose from thermostatic or non-thermostatic options.

shower toilet
Aquacare is an innovative bidet toilet that allows a more comfortable and hygienic experience.

What’s more, all VitrA shower toilets come with the brand’s Hygiene glaze – bonus. They also include the VitrA Rim-ex design – a rimless, smooth internal pan that eliminates areas for germs and dirt to accumulate – so your toilet will stay cleaner for longer.

shower toilet design
VitrA‘s shower toilets, including the pictured Aquacare, will help you significantly cut down on your toilet paper usage.


The design-led V-Care shower toilet comes with a comfortable heated seat, easily adjustable water temperature, different pressures, drying options and more. What’s not to love? This solution comes with a range of sophisticated features that can be customised to suit each family member’s needs – from air purification to the integrated spray nozzle position, which cleans itself after every use.

water-saving bathroom product
The V-Care shower toilet combines the functionality of a toilet with the hygienic benefits of a bidet.

The lid of the V-Care shower toilet opens and closes automatically, and all functions are accessible through a handy and lightweight remote control. Plus, as it provides a hands-free experience, it is ideal for a multi-generational home where some family members might have limited mobility.

shower toilet with lid that automatically opens and closes
The V-Care shower toilet features an automatic lid, offering you a hands-free experience.

For more information on VitrA’s products, visit its website at and also follow @VitrABathrooms.

This article has been created in partnership with VitrA.

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