Smart showering: save water, energy, and money

It gets us ready for the day, and unwinds us in the evening – but did you know one of the biggest uses of energy and water in the home is our daily shower?

Fear not! By simply making some informed product choices, you can cut back on the kilowatts without compromising on the experience. The BMA – Bathroom Manufacturers Association – suggests looking at smart showering.

Smart showers can reduce the amount of water flowing when you’re not directly under the spray, achieving big savings. For instance, some digital showers have the option of timers, prompts, and personalised programmes to fit your routine.

External digital monitors are also available. Or, if you choose a mixer shower, ensure the installer fits a flow regulator. Regulating the flow from 12 down to 9 litres per minute with this inexpensive widget could make a massive difference. A bigger piece of kit is a wastewater heat recovery shower that uses run-off to warm the flow entering the shower system, thus reducing energy requirements.

Alternatively, an electric shower can offer a significant opportunity to save energy, water, and money because of how they operate. These designs may be a good option for a second bathroom, providing a backup if your main hot-water source fails.

Whichever you choose, happy showering (and saving).

A core focus of the BMA is sustainability, whether through the tireless work of its members on product innovation, striving for net zero carbon, or with its advice to homeowners to make greener choices.

Smart showering illustration
Want to save water, energy, and money? Then embrace smart showering. Ensure you make informed product choices with help from the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. Photography: iStock/ Rudzhan Nagiev
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For more information, visit the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.

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