Spend less: how to use appliances in an efficient way

Cutting your household spending sounds good right now, doesn’t it? Well, AMDEA – the UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances – wants to help.

Its Know Watt’s What campaign aims to inform householders on how to use their appliances in the most efficient and sustainable ways. It’s doing this by helping appliance owners understand and use the eco-saving technologies designed into the products already in their homes.

Even small changes can make a big difference. So, why not allow your appliances to achieve the savings they were designed to deliver?

For instance, did you know that you could save £37 per year in kWh, plus water savings, by just using the eco mode for every cycle of your dishwasher? With the potential of having more than £500 extra available a year, why not find out more by visiting their website?

With more than 130 million essential appliances across the UK, AMDEA hopes this campaign will collectively make a major contribution to reducing energy and water consumption, supporting the challenge of reaching net zero as well as saving significant amounts on energy bills.

Spend less with AMDEA's Know Watt's What campaign
How to utilise appliances in an efficient way? AMDEA‘s Know Watt’s What campaign helps you understand and use the eco-saving technologies, thus spend less.

For more information, visit AMDEA.

We’re working with the Sustainability Partners of our sister magazine’s event, the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2023, on bringing you great expert advice.

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This article has been created in partnership with AMDEA.

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