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  • Miele built-in appliances coffee machine oven

    All you need to know about built-in appliances

    What’s your kitchen style? If ‘streamlined and sleek’ is the answer, we’ll both know there is no other option than to choose built-in appliances. Whether you hide them behind cabinet doors…

  • Inclusive design Roundhouse wheelchair accessible kitchen

    Inclusive design: how can I get it right?

    The words ‘accessible’ and ‘inclusive’ are popping up more and more – but what do they mean in an interiors context? Here is everything you need to know about making your…

  • How to buy a bath

    With all the choices out there, looking for a new bath can feel like a bit stressful – but it really doesn't have to be. Here's my lowdown on what you…

  • Bright wetroom with large blinds

    How to create a wetroom

    It’s one of the biggest luxuries I can think of: a wetroom, complete with rainfall shower, gorgeous tiles, and an overall look guaranteed to make your friends and family just a…

  • Create your ideal family bathroom

    If you’re a bit clumsy like me, you might have done a silly thing such as slip in the shower or on wet tiles. While this might seem like a bit…


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