The latest built-in appliances for your kitchen or utility room

Built-in appliances such as this fridge create a sleek, seamless look

Do you like traditional kitchens with a statement range cooker? Or maybe you prefer a contemporary scheme? Built-in appliances are a great solution if you want your design to look sleek and unfussy.

If you want to tuck away elements such as the fridge or dishwasher, you can opt for models that can be completely hidden behind cabinetry. All you need is an extra panel that can be fixed to your appliance, and it’s out of sight, out of mind.

But what about the technical details? Choosing built-in appliances is not only about the looks, after all – you want them to work well, too, and make your life easier.

To help you make the right choice, here’s the lowdown on what you need to know…

An integrated extractor that's nearly invisible
Prime slim built-in hood, from £732, Westin.

Built-in appliances to look out for: ovens

One of the main benefits of an integrated oven is that you can place it at eye level, no matter if it’s a built-in single, double oven, or a bank of combination steam appliances and microwaves.

Saving energy is a high priority. So, the latest models boast triple-glazed doors to prevent heat loss, smart cooking apps, and sophisticated pre-set programmes to reduce cooking times.

Some built-in appliances also offer hydro clean cycles for efficient cleaning. And there are hi-tech designs with motion sensors that will turn the oven on as you approach.

A standard single oven will cost less than £500 but a steam-combination oven will be around £5000.

A built-in oven looks sleek and is conveniently located at eye height
CombiSteamer 90cm V6000 45-litres Grand combi oven, from £8000, V-Zug.
An integrated microwave
Professional Series built-in 60cm combi microwave oven, £7624; combined steam oven with lower controls, £10,808, and 90cm built-in two-door fridge-freezer, £20,491, all Officine Gullo.


These built-in appliances are quieter and more energy efficient than ever. Some of the functions include sophisticated inverter direct drive motors, 30-minute rapid-wash programmes, and auto-dry functions where the doors automatically open when the cycle is finished to hygienically dry the contents.

Dishwashers can be easily hidden behind door panels to match your cabinetry – both for standard and slimline appliances. The newest models offer steam cycles that help reduce water usage and provide a high-powered cleaning and sanitising programme.

A single or double dishwasher drawer is a clever solution if you want to incorporate an appliance in the island or home bar. Costs range from £400 for a standard design, and up to £1400 for more advanced appliances.

A built-in dishwasher
QuadWash Steam dishwasher, from £799.98, LG.
A dishwasher is among the integrated appliances most commonly hidden behind door panels
Rapido dishwasher, £329, Candy.

Built-in laundry appliances

Built-in washing machines and tumble dryers are a must in an open-plan layout. They are much quieter than you’d expect, using brushless motors and anti-vibration designs to reduce noise levels. Heat-pump dryers use less energy than a condenser model by reheating the recirculated air to dry your clothes.

The average capacity of a built-in washing machine is 8kg. Plus, the latest models come with a range of shorter programmes and auto dose technology – so you always use the right amount of detergent, which is kinder to the planet and your wallet.

Prices for these built-in appliances range from £400 to £800.

An integrated tumble dryer  makes life easier
Integrated heat pump tumble dryer TDi4001 with indoor water container, £1106, Caple.


Think about your shopping habits. Do you buy more fresh food and want to make it last longer? Are you a batch cooker?

You can mix and match your refrigeration set-up with the latest built-in models and wine cabinets. These fully built-in appliances can have capacities of up to 425 litres for chilled goods and 131 litres of freezer space, with some models offering flexible chilling drawers.

Wine columns with controlled temperature zones for red and whites come in 60cm cabinets or smaller under-counter units. Prices vary from £1000 for a single unit to up to £10,000 – plus the cost of the cabinet panels.

Built-in appliances such as this wine cabinet and fridge-freezer can be completely hidden
60cm-wide wine column, £8999, and Professional Series built-in 425-litre refrigerator with 131-litre freezer, priced £8999, Bertazzoni.

How much should I spend on appliances? Your questions answered

Featured image: R31831I built-in refrigerator with adaptive temperature control, £999, Asko.

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