Colourful home: how we created a vibrant living space

a colourful home bathroom

We love this colourful renovation created by Heather Craig of Instagram account @heatherscolourfulhome. So, for our Been There Done That feature in KBB Magazine, we asked her how she went about designing it, and she kindly gave us all the details.

Colourful home on your wish list? Read on for tips and inspo from Heather…

“Before we renovated the house and made it a colourful home, everything was very beige. Even the bathroom tiles were beige and brown. The shower had broken and the bath tap would hit the trap below and spray everywhere. Unfortunately, even the rooms that were recently decorated were just not to our taste.”

the space before the colourful home renovation
The space before: “Everything was very beige,” explains Heather.

“We decided to undertake the build as we were living happily in a new build in Dunfermline but I wanted to move back to the village I grew up in. We also felt that we could do with more space. I used to walk past this house every day for school as I grew up in the village. I loved the shape of the 1930s style villa, which is very common in England but rare in Scotland. Thankfully, the previous owners had extended it, turning it into a four bedroom house instead of a two.”

a beige kitchen and living area
Before the colourful home renovation.

“When it came onto the market we were the first viewers, and put in an offer that same day. We thought it would only need redecorating but on closer inspection it required more work. We were forced into a renovation. I am pleased we didn’t know the extent of the work required beforehand as it would have put us off buying it. We are so happy we live here and it has all been worth it.”

a gorgeous bathroom
Heather’s gorgeously colourful bathroom.

How the design of the colourful home came about

“I was frozen with too many decisions when we first moved in. Our kitchen was good quality but bland. I had a local kitchen painting company paint it pink. This was five years ago and it still looks great. The idea of it not being permanent at the time helped me go bold. However, I am more confident with colour now and will go bold even when we are going brand new.

“As well as looking in magazines, I scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest. I would follow hashtags like #colourfulbathroom, #freestandingbath, #eclecticstyle and #banthebeige. These would lead me to other creators who would inspire my choices.

“I think of our home as spring with a touch of autumn when it comes to colours. I love to use bright pinks and greens, blues and yellows but I add teak, mustard or rust colours as well. This grounds the room and makes it feel homely and comfortable. 

“Our house is extremely wonky. Every job we get a tradesperson in for takes longer than they expect. I wanted wooden flooring in our living room but it is so uneven it wasn’t possible with our budget, so now we have carpet. A tiler left the job of tiling our shower and never came back. The company doing our bathroom found another person so completed the job, thankfully. I heard lots of swearing when we had our skirting boards and internal doors fitted. We have found we have to be flexible and open to compromises at times.”

a colourful home kitchen
Heather’s wonderfully colourful kitchen.

Persuading Heather’s husband to embrace the colour pink

“It has been a journey with us agreeing on colours to decorate our colourful home in. My husband Brian was resistant to so much pink at first but I think I have proved I can do colour well now. I used to make a Pinterest board for each room and show him my ideas. Having a visual of what I was thinking helped him to come around them. The exterior of our home is even painted pink now, so he is a changed man!”

a pastel pink kitchen
Heather’s husband Brian has come round to pink.

The living room in the colourful home

“I feel our living room is where you can see the confidence I have gained in decorating. Also, perhaps, Brian’s confidence in me growing too. All four walls are covered in a saturated, joyful pink (actually the name from Yes Colours). It seems silly but although I have always liked to paint all four walls I have gone for more pale options – like Calamine by Farrow and Ball – in the bedroom.”

a bright and cheerful colourful home living area
Heather’s bright and cheerful floral living room.

“I have admired freestanding baths for as long as I can remember. In my mind they are the height of luxury. A bath is something I find soothing and reparative. Finding a comfortable bath was key. I would message people on instagram and ask them what height they were and how they found the bath. This would help me choose one which was right for my body. I use pink all over and the kitchen and bathroom were no different.”

Heather wanted a more mature bathroom in her colourful home

“For the bathroom in our colourful home especially, it was important for it to appear a bit more mature. The calming green and pink together work nicely. I have storage on the wall in the form of a shelf and storage under the basin. This has helped keep all of our essentials handy yet out of sight.

“I chose to have spotlights in the bathroom. I have one over where I stand at the sink and one over the bath. There are wall lights on the mirror wall so I can see clearly while doing my makeup.”

a vibrant and pretty bathroom
The stylish and vibrant bathroom.

Heather’s colourful home renovation

“I have used tiles in two different colourways: pink on the floor and blue in the shower. They are fantastic, as being hexagonal they can be laid a few different ways. Since they are from the same brand, the colours complement each other beautifully.”

a lady in a colourful home
Heather in her cheerful and floral living room.

“Our colourful home is a relaxed place. Although I love it to be beautiful, first and foremost it is a family home. I want my children, guests and guests’ children to feel comfortable and able to let their hair down. 

“Our pink kitchen is the heart of the home and we spend so much time in there crafting, doing homework, eating meals and entertaining. The cheerful colours of pink and blue are welcoming and allow for a casual vibe.”

a colourful home kitchen
“Our pink kitchen is the heart of the home,” Heather says.

Heather’s advice for others wanting to create a colourful home

“I think working on finding your personal colour palette is something that will set you up to succeed. I love neutral interiors and dark, dramatic spaces. At the same time, I know this is not what I want in my own home – I want a colourful home. Paying attention to what is grabbing your attention in your environment will be a great indicator of colours you will love in your own home. I like to ask people to think about clothing they love wearing and feel lovely in. The colours of these clothes may give you a clue as to your own personal style. You will reach a point when you buy what you like (what you really really really like) then it all just works together because it is authentically you.”

Colours in Heather’s colourful home

“I love to have three main colours in my spaces. In my living room it is pink, yellow and green. In the bathroom it is pink, green and blue and in the kitchen it is pink, blue and yellow. I think three colours can give you a bold and joyful look without turning into CBeebies set. “

a cheery living room
Pink, yellow and green energise the living room.

Heather’s top tips when it comes to colourful home renovations

“My top tips for a colourful home would be to take your time and, if you can, live in your space for a little while before deciding on your plans. I would advise you to really think about how you and your family are using the home, rather than thinking about potential resale. We did our colourful home one room at a time and had breaks in between. We find having tradespeople in rather draining and working with that rather than against it has helped us not to burn out.”

a colourful home bedroom
Heather’s daughter’s bedroom.

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