Double-ended baths: Made for sharing (or for a more comfy soak)

Ripples double-ended baths

Hands up: who else has fought about not wanting to sit at the tap end at least once in their life?

I certainly have, and so, I’m sure, have many others among us. Rightly so – nobody wants any sort of brassware digging into their back or shoulders while you’re actively trying to relax. It’s just so counterintuitive, not to mention the cause – rather than the resolution – for a new crick in your neck.

Luckily, double-ended baths are very much a thing. And not only are they incredibly comfortable, both for solo bathers and those sharing with a loved one, they are also effortlessly stylish. After all, having the tap end placed in the middle allows you to think about all sorts of brassware ideas. A cool floorstanding bath filler? Maybe a unique wall-mounted design? Yes please!

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Double-ended baths also open up another bonus: more space for toiletries, plus the option to add some extra storage or furniture. How about a small table to place your laptop or tablet, so you can watch a film while having a soak? Or a waterproof speaker, to play your favourite tunes?

The options are endless, and that includes the style choices, too – so here are some of my favourite designs of late…

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Bampton bath
Storage is key in any busy family bathroom. In this project by BC Designs, a fitted wall cupboard and double vanity unit help keep the floor and surfaces clear. Bampton bath, £2990.
Sian Baxter freestanding baths
Layers of discreet illumination by Sian Baxter Lighting Design accentuate this bathroom’s elegant tub and serene spa-like quality. Petra bath, from £3995, Ashton & Bentley.
V+A Mozzano bath
Compact and with steep sloping sides, the Mozzano Bath, £3315 from Victoria + Albert has a capacity of 129 litres and feels luxurious even when half filled.
Lapicida double-ended baths
Designed by Obsidian Interiors, this narrow bathroom feels light thanks to the brass-framed shower panel, coordinating fittings and Lapicida’s Antique Marble porcelain Macchia Vecchia, £58.80 per sq m.
Drummonds Tay bath
The polished Tay bathtub and large antique mirror are the main focus, this bathroom also includes a luxurious walk-in enclosure with Dalby shower and 300mm head in nickel. Bath, taps and shower, Drummonds.
Hunter and Belle freestanding
The large freestanding bath teamed with unusual and reflective surfaces gives this bathroom design by Hunter & Belle an ethereal and relaxing feel. Price on application.

Featured image: Give a small room character by opting for a curvy roll top tub in a bold shade. This Cameo Bath by Hurlingham is teamed with brass Hansgrohe taps and Kast Concrete basins, all from Ripples. Price on application.

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