10 Instagram renovation projects I’m loving right now

Instagam renovation projects

Be honest, how much time do you think you’ve spent admiring (read: stalking) someone else’s home on Instagram? Like me, the true figure is probably too shocking to think about – does time go quicker when you’re scrolling through the Gram or is is just me?

But, it has to be said that it is a wonderful place for ideas and inspiration – especially when it comes to Instagram renovation projects. Where Pinterest was once the sole destination for building an online moodboard for how you’d like your next decorating scheme to pan out, the two platforms are now regularly cited as the go-to places for new ideas to bring into your home. I tend to flit between the two and now have boards on each filled with industrial-inspired décor, ways with houseplants, open-plan schemes, sustainable living tips and ideas for home styling (for when I am constantly rearranging my display shelves).

Some of my favourite Instagram renovation projects are ones that track the progress of a remodel (whether that’s a whole house refit, self build, extension or a single room makeover) and show the sometimes questionable and other times amazingly retro before shots alongside the afters. It’s the journey (sorry) of the project that catches my attention and then I get drawn in by the clever interior design tricks, cool use of décor, colour and pattern.

Arguably, social media is emboldening us to all be a bit more ‘out there’ with our home style and embrace colour, pattern and texture in new ways, mixing and matching finishes to create schemes that shows off our own unique tastes and personality, while also looking great through a lens. I’m convinced that the rise of the dark blue kitchen is in part thanks to those Instagram renovation projects that dared to go dark. How many dark kitchens with parquet flooring and brass details have you saved? Insta-worthy for sure.

To celebrate those Instagram renovation projects, I’ve rounded up ones that have caught my eye of late. While I’m not in the business of getting you to spend even more time online (screen breaks, people!), do check out these guys’ accounts for some serious inspiration. Oh, and share yours using #thesethreerooms so I can snoop on yours too…

The couple who are renovating this Edwardian home in south west London are lovingly bringing it back to life and restoring the amazing period features. The hallway is a thing to be admired – check out the original woodwork in all its intricate-detailed glory. And that’s before you get to the fireplaces – you can almost imagine the grandeur of this place when it was first built. The kitchen is fast taking shape, too. The bar area (with its worktop and splash back) caught my eye…and not only because it’s a bar!

If you follow Shazza (and sometimes Jim) you’ll know that they’ve been working on a new home renovating project after moving from their old house, which was as Insta-worthy as they come. So I’m eagerly anticipating what they’ll create in their new place. So far, there’s a new kitchen-dining extension and the exterior has been given a beautiful makeover, which has modernised the property, but kept a feel of its heritage alive. The before and after shows the great transformation. Scroll through the feed for a host of wonderful before and after shots, showing just how far this project has come. Can’t wait to see the kitchen.


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TA-DAH…. The scaffold is finally off the house so it’s time for a before & after! Swipe to see how this side of the house looked nine months ago when we moved in – before we added the two gable end extensions…. . The builders are now starting on the changes to the front of the house this week, including moving the front door, adding an oak porch and part cladding it. Hopefully in about three weeks the builders will be done and it’s over to Jim and I to get it finished inside 🙌🏼😆 . . . #blackcladding #pimpupmypad #myrenovatedreality #renovationlife #ukblogger #atmine #homeexterior #crittallstyle #houserenovation #reno #housedesign #renovationproject #redbrick #timbercladding #barnstyle #myhousebeautiful #postitandsmile #myhousethismonth #myhomevibe #mybuild #realhomesofinstagram #granddesigns #blackhouseclub

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Someone’s happy the ceiling joists are boarded! If you’ve seen my stories this week you’ll have heard me acting like a Shrew nagging at Jim to ‘get down’ ‘be careful’ as he’s taken to scampering about like a blimmin squirrel on the roofs of the extensions….. Now the thing is I really don’t like heights so it makes me really nervous particularly when before the boards were up and the ceiling joists were finished I came into the garden to find him walking along the steel! He is taking pleasure out of winding me up for sure 😆….. You know what though, after the stresses of the last couple of weeks when there have been plenty of ‘what have we done’ moments it’s a miracle that the shrew and squirrel are still talking!…. So I think I’ll leave him to happily carry on on the roof and I’ll just sit inside sipping gin then everyone’s happy 😊🤣 . . . . . . . #myrenostory #renovationlife #homebuildingandrenovating #renolife #myreno #buildit #renovationproject #houseextension #werestilltalking #dreamhome #granddesigns

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If you love patterned tiles, you’ll love it here. Created by Claire in Harborne, the kitchen and bathrooms feature bold wall and floor tiles that catch the idea and create the base for a really fun, cool interior look. My favourite is the way the metro tiles have been laid vertically and horizontally in the shower alongside the encaustic-style designs – simple but oh so effective. Anyone on the team will tell you that I’m a sucker for a dog too, so this account wins on that as well.


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Happy Friday pals! It’s the old cliche, but January really does feel like a year in itself. . . In other news, we have some pretty exciting plans with the utility, it’s all change and I just hope we go ahead. We are just getting quotes in now and if it’s all good, I’ll share very soon! . This weekend though we are back to the downstairs toilet, fingers crossed we can solve the leak mystery and get the tiles up. Here’s a little photo of our main bathroom, swipe from before! . . . #pimpupmypad #bathroomdesign #bathroomrenovation #beforeandafterhomeedition #beforeandafterinteriors #hangingplants #farrowandball #bathroomdecor #bathroomremodel #bathroomrenovation #bathroominspiration #homeinspo #interiorstyling #whitewalls #denimes #monochrome #apartmenttherapy #freestandingbath #myhomevibe #makeyousmilestyle #inmydomaine #beforeandafterrenovation #housedecoration #homeimprovement #beforeandafter #homemakeover #interiordetails #interiorinspo #modernrustic #freestandingbath #designattractor #tastemademedoit

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Evening pals and happy hump day, I’ve always liked wednesdays, it’s like I can smell the weekend 🎉 . . Snapped this photo back when we had some sun last week. I can’t complain too much though as we are off to catch some winter sun soon ( perks of only having 2 days off over Christmas) I am off to Pilates tonight with Liam, honestly if you want a giggle, bring you partner to Pilates, he loves it but honestly that boy is one of the most inflexible people I know. @myhousethismonth | bed linen. Bailey loves ours as much as we do . . . . #myhousethismonth #interiorstyling #interiorinspiration #interiorwarrior #interior4inspo #bamboofurniture #modernrustic #homesofinsta #realhomes #realhomesofinstagram #whitewalls #bohohomedecor #bohodecor #interiormilk #myhousethismonth #myhouseandhome #myhousebeautiful #apartmenttherapy #urbanjungle #house_plant_community #houseplants #houseplantsofinstagram #designsponge #interiors4all #bedroomdecor #bohobedroom #bohointeriors #homestyle #yesmodernrugs #rockmystylishhome.

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One word. Terrazzo.
Not only does it look beautiful in my_london_home’s bathroom, she made it herself. Yes, DIY terrazzo. Oh how it must feel to look at that stunning surface and pat yourself firmly on the back to say ‘yes, I did that’. Creative and fun throughout, this project includes colour and pattern galore – from the ‘wow’ downstairs loo to the dark and moody living room and bedroom. The kitchen? Slick.


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Hello! I’ve taken an extended break from here mainly because I’m too lazy to clean the house but I also really couldn’t be bothered to style the house for Christmas themed pictures this year. This bathroom shot is also old but did I tell you I made that terrazzo worktop all by myself? 😜 I already need octopus arms every time my child approaches the tree 🙈. I’ve literally just cleared the last of the shreds of wrapping paper and our bins are full (thanks, late rubbish collection). Anyway, have no idea what day it is but tomorrow we’re off to see Peppa Pig live, rock and bloody roll! . Post contains previously gifted items . . . . #bathroominspo #bathroomtiles #bathtime #bathroomdecor #bathroomideas #bathroom #bathroomrenovation #bathroomdesign #bathroomsofinstagram #bathroomstyle #bathroomsofinsta #bathroomstyling

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Morning! Still having a total nightmare with the delivery of the legs for my terrazzo, argh! It’s now holding up the completion of our bathroom. I have the worst luck with deliveries! I originally chose this company because they claimed they were ready to dispatch in 3-5 but it’s been 3 weeks now 🙄. Hopefully tomorrow is the day – poor terrazzo has been sat outside under some plastic sheeting, I hope she’s still in one piece!! . Tap for tags . . . . . .#diningroom #diningroomdecor #diningroomtable #diningchairs #diningdecor #dining_room #aldi #diningroominspo #diningroomgoals #foliagewall #livingwall #plantwall #plantsofinstagram #plants #ikeaatmine #interieur #kitchenideas #kitchenisland #apartmenttherapy #jungalow #jungalowstyle #urbanjungleblogger #plantcollection#jungalowmademedoit #valspar

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I’ve been following Charlotte for a while and tracking the progress of her humongous renovation – taking a two-bed chalet-style home with a downstairs WC and small kitchen and transforming it with a double-storey side and rear extension (and ripping out and totally modernising the rest). Take a look at how construction has progressed from bare bones to new glazing, fewer walls and finally new kitchen. Slow and steady wins the race.
Aside from the cheery name, Laura’s renovation account showcases her family home in all its glory. A self-build project, the pièce de résistance has to be the open-plan kitchen-living-diner which connects seamlessly to the garden. So seamlessly, in fact, that when the doors are wide open, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the two spaces as one – quite the design feat. Laura says in one of her posts, “Building is what we do both our home and our life in it. We do it with a smile and sense of humour is key!” and that just about sums it up. Lovely.

We featured Suszi’s beautiful home in the January 2020 issue of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine (on the cover, no less) to showcase how she has created her interior with sustainability and vegan design in mind. From reclaimed materials and organic finishes to plant-based alternatives, her approach is interesting and thought-provoking.


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I’m off to the #ldndesignfair this evening. I will attempt to document my favourite finds on my stories, if I ever work out how the bloody hell to use it properly. I think I might be an insta story-phobe 😬 In the meantime, here’s another snap of our home from the lovely @ryanwicksphoto . . . . . #kitchenextension #openplanliving #kitchendiner #kitcheninspo #kitchendesign #kitchenisland #concretekitchen #kitchensofinsta #kitchentable #decordailydose #thenewbohemians #industrialkitchen #sodomino #houzz #myinterior #interior4inspo #howwedwell #industrialvibe #theeverygirlathome #stellarspaces #interiorinspo #interiormilk #apartmenttherapy #designsponge #atmine #elledecor #darkinteriors #styleitdark #mydomaine

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Happy Friday everyone!!! And a big thank you to all my followers, new and old. 20K! 😲 I’m completely shocked. What started out as a way of documenting our renovations has grown in a direction I never imagined. Thanks so much for all the support. The likes and comments make my day! 😍 Here’s a pic of the #ikeahack I did for Teddy’s kitchen, and the copper pipe scaffolding shelves our builder made for us. Have a great day! I shall be spending mine napping after being up most of the night with a sick little boy. 😷😴 . . . . . #myhouseandhome #openplanliving #kitchendiner #rusticdecor #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #concretefloor #dreamkitchen #shelfie #instaliving #interiorstyling #vintageinteriors #veganhome #kitchenremodel #mybohoabode #myinterior #interior4inspo #howwedwell #simplehomestyle #interiorismo #stellarspaces #interiorinspo #interiormilk #apartmenttherapy #designsponge #interior2you #elledecor #interiors #mydomaine

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If you love a before and after like me, this is one for you. A double-storey extension with spacious open-plan kitchen has added wow factor to this 1930s property in south Manchester. As a self-confessed interiors lover, Jo, who runs the account, has brought the property bang up to date and added design touches including marbled finishes, metallics and a log burner that I’d love to curl up in front of. Take a look at the tiled kitchen splashback for an idea of how to do something a bit different with your tiles.


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Happy Friday folks 🙌 I’ve just got back from the gym and I’m revelling in the endorphins until I crash from lack of sleep. I hate getting up so I have no idea how I manage to get up at 5.30 three times a week. I always try to go to bed earlier but I’m more of a night owl so end up going to bed way later than I should 😴😭It doesnt help that out 4 year old is very similar and fights going to bed every night so our evening doesn’t start till gone 9 most nights and I need to have time to chill and watch Love Island…so there goes my early night!!. . . . The shed is getting built this weekend 🙌 Although right now after the crazy storm yesterday the garden is looking rather swamp like 🙈 Keep an eye on stories for progress 😊 In the meantime have a swipe to see our splashback transformation 👍 . . . #1930ssemi #1930shouse #1930shome #houserenovation #splashback #hexagontiles #copperkitchen #sapphiresalute #myrenostory #kitchenextension #myinteriorsquares #walltowallstyle #glamupnorthinteriors #rockmystylishhome #sorealhomes #interior4all #apartmenttherapy #actualinstagramhomes #kitchensofinstagram #homeinterioruk #kbbmag #ekbbhome #mygorgeousgaff #stopandstaredecor #kitchendesign #kitchentransformation #kitchendetails #granite #superwhitegranite

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One look at this Instagram renovation project and you’ll add glazed walls and ceilings to your wishlist. Located in London, the property has undergone some serious renovation with a rear and side-return extension (with said glazing) and significant internal remodel to knock small rooms into a large open-plan kitchen-diner. And the new upstairs bathroom has relaxation written all over it. Note the wood panelling in there too.

Have you ever heard of people not buying a house because it’s number 13 since they’re superstitious? Nah. Look at Fi’s Georgian townhouse in Frome, Somerset and you’ll realise there’s nothing to worry about. My favourite part of this particular project is the way she has created such a great kitchen in a small space, adding abstract panelling to the wall to make a design feature. As well as proving that you can be creative even in compact rooms, it’s a great example of working within the walls you have (rather than building on) to create a stylish family home, complete with cute dog.



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Abstract panelling reveal 🥳 . Absolutely over the moon with how this has turned out. Mainly because it looks exactly how I imagined, which doesn’t always happen with DIY, does it? . The angles, the colour (tricky on a wall that doesn’t get natural light hitting it) and the overall effect. We’ve turned a boring, large expanse of white wall into something worthy of looking at. . It’s due some finishing touches, of course: I need to get my hands on some pale cork board and I’m still musing one some floating hooks for some bits of pretty kitchen faffery… I really want to get some sort of wooden crown to put down the bottom above where Brontë’s bowl goes – yay or nay? James looked at me like I’m a weirdo when I suggested it. . I have to shout-out my husband for actually humouring the idea and achieving it since he did the lion’s share of it all. You the best. . . . #panelling #scandinavianhome #diydecor #eclecticdecor #myktchn #apartmenttherapy #interiormilk #sodomino #interiorvampire #kitcheninspo #myhshome #myhousedownsouth #myhousebeautiful #neutralsdoneright #styleitreal #myperiodhomestyle #pinkdoorsofinstagram #pinkdoor #interiorrebellion #letterboxhome #strongwhite #interiorsmicroinfluencers #fafffriday #sahstylists #rockmystylishhome #dailydecordetail #myinteriorsquares #bhghome #sorealhomes #actualinstagramhomes

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Don’t forget to add #thesethreerooms to your posts – you could even find yourself in a future roundup!

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