How to find your perfect toilet

Let’s settle the game of thrones. No – I’m not talking about the show with the dragons, but the battle to determine which toilet is right for you.

Before delving into the intricacies of shapes, sizes and features, let’s talk about the three main types of toilet design.

Close-coupled is the most common option, where the pan and cistern are joined, and the toilet is freestanding. And wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets have concealed plumbing. The former is fixed to the wall, while the latter sits on the floor.

Now, where should you begin when choosing a new toilet? “Start by assessing the amount of space you have,” advises Emma Mottram, brand marketing manager at Laufen. “If you’re limited on space, consider a close-coupled model with a slender cistern that sits close to the wall, to save precious inches. Alternatively, you can factor in a stud wall and install a frame behind it for a wall-hung WC. This is an excellent option for small bathrooms, as wall-hung WCs float above the floor, creating the illusion of more space.”

Traditional toilet in cloakroom
Aluminium cistern, from £799, Thomas Crapper.

How to hide your toilet in the bathroom

Toilets are often placed discreetly, purposefully concealed for aesthetic and privacy considerations. They can be hidden behind half walls, for example, or tucked into the corner of a bathroom. 

Ideally, the toilet should blend harmoniously with your other sanitaryware, so that it doesn’t draw too much attention. “It’s an essential part of the room,” says Ben Bryden, sales and marketing director of Rak Ceramics UK, “but it also needs to fit, style-wise, because it’s a noticeable fixture.”

Wall hung WC in modern bathroom with clean white aesthetic.
Lagoon WC, from £512, and Slimline cistern, from £443, both by Armera. 

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Floor mounted WC in a marble bathroom with gold accents
Zest short projection WC, from £394, Roper Rhodes.

Colourful toilets

If you opt for a colourful design, consider matching the shade with your other sanitaryware to blend it in more. But, in a cloakroom, where the toilet takes centre stage, you can consider plump for a more distinctive design. 

Green WC with matching basin
Koy range comes in six colours, from £541, BagnoDesign.

In terms of contemporary toilet trends, there are now so many new colours for WCs, perfect whether you want to embrace sleek minimalism or prefer a more traditional design.

New shapes have also emerged. There’s a rise in square and soft, rounded pans designed to match the other items in your bathroom. And, if you are ecologically conscious, you’ll be happy to hear that there have been huge strides in technology, meaning the function of toilets has improved and they now use far less water. 

Bold turquoise toilet with matching basin in a traditional style
Bespoke range in Cosmic Green, from £1,593, Burlington.

Accessibility and smart WCs

“A properly thought-out toilet installation can future-proof your home and make it more suitable for all family members,” says Amanda Raine, marketing director for VitrA Bathrooms UK. “It can be as simple as installing a WC at a comfortable height, with a hidden in-wall frame. Alternatively, consider a shower toilet. Which can, for some, provide lasting independence when it comes to personal hygiene, washing with warm water and drying with warm air.”

Shower toilet in a luxurious wooden bathroom
Washlet Lite compact shower toilet, from £2,586, Toto

Shower toilets are now standard in Asia, especially in Japan, and they are slowly becoming more fashionable in the UK. With adjustable water temperature and pressure, heated seats, a dryer, deodoriser and automatic open-and-close function, they have finally made it on to the UK market.

Blue wall-hung WC
Millio shower toilet, from £1,124, Duravit.
Smart shower toilet in a modern bathroom
V-Care Prime wall-hung toilet costs, from £2,000, VitrA.

And don’t forget about the flush plate – it now comes in a wide variety of sizes, colours and finishes, to match your brassware.

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