How to buy a new basin for your bathroom

Once a mostly utilitarian fixture, the basin has transformed into a stylish centrepiece, elevating its status from a functional necessity to an object that can inject vibrant personality and flair into your bathroom space.

If you’ve been looking to buy a new bathroom basin, you’ve come to the right place! We’re bringing you the lowdown on how to find your perfect design…

Marble bathroom wall with pink concrete basin and gold brassware.
Verona basin, £994.80, Elle & James.

How to buy a bathroom basin

When shopping for a new basin, it’s important to choose one that seamlessly blends in with your bathroom style. But where should you start? “Firstly, assess the overarching design theme – whether it’s modern or classical,” says Phil Etherden, managing director at The Albion Bath Co. “For a cohesive aesthetic, match the it’s shape, materials, and finishes to the existing décor. Modern bathrooms may benefit from sleek, angular designs, while traditional spaces may call for more ornate and classic options.”

Black washbasin with geometric tiles and black brassware.
Vive basin, £600, BC Designs.

“Additionally, explore features such as integrated storage or decorative elements that complement the chosen style,” he continues. “The size of the bathroom and available space should also influence the decision, ensuring the basin not only complements the style but also fits the practical needs of the space.”

Smaller spaces, for example, present a fun opportunity to play with the design and go for a bolder look. Wall-mounted or ones with a floating vanity are both great options, as the gap between creates the illusion of more space. However, vanity units designed to sit on the floor will help to maximise storage. If you are concerned about losing valuable space to ceramics or plumbing, go for a countertop basin. 

White countertop sink with white vanity and gold brassware and accessories.
Celestine basin, £899, London Basin Company.

Personal flair

Basins have become an excellent item for personalisation, offering opportunities for even the most hesitant shopper to be more adventurous. “The washbasin needs to be functional, of course, but that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be on point style-wise, too,” says Ben Bryden, sales and marketing director of Rak Ceramics. “In the ensuite bathroom and cloakroom, there is more scope for personalisation and individual flair, perhaps with an unusual shape or contrasting material or colour.”

Bronze basin and matching brassware in a minimalist bathroom mounted on top of a fluted vanity unit.
Circus in brushed bronze, £1,045, Crosswater.

What’s trending, I hear you ask? According to Shahnee Taylor-Brown, specification executive at VitrA, many more homeowners are experimenting with colour. “They’re particularly opting for bright blue, green and orange basins,” says Shahnee. “Additionally, asymmetrical shapes, such as our Pebble basin from the Outline range, align well with the ongoing trend of organic and soft curves. Traditional styles are also returning, as seen in the rise of period pedestal basins.”

Blue washbasin with gold and white details in a modern bathroom.
Ceramica Cielo, price on application, from CP Hart.
White and black marble sink and with a gold tap.
Lamp Arabescato, from £1094, Lusso Stone.

Finding the right tap

And don’t forget, when choosing the basin, you also need to think about the tap. “Before selecting a tap, check if your desired basin already has pre-cut tap holes and how many,” advises Emma Mottram, brand marketing manager at Laufen. “Pre-cut tap holes offer easy installation, eliminating the need for additional drilling. If your basin has a single tap hole, a popular option is a single lever mixer.

“It is important to strike a balance and ensure that the tap is proportionate to the basin’s size. A large and imposing tap may overpower a small basin, while a tiny tap may get lost and appear insignificant on a large basin.” 

White countertop basin on a green vanity unit with a chrome basin mixer.
Eurosmart Cosmopolitan mixer tap, £151.36, Grohe.

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