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Renovating a bathroom? There are many ways you can add personality, I say. Gone are the days of the simple white walls and crisp suite. Whether you are going all out with a bright suite (those coloured loos are trending again – yes, that’s right!), a pale canvas with accents of colour or you are creating a statement wall behind your bath, I’ve collected some of my favourite ideas.

Go simple and highlight a single wall in a bright shade. Or how about adding metallic touches, patterned tiles to the floor as well as your walls, or even switching up white sanitaryware for something that little bit more exciting? Really, just a splash of colour is all you need to give your bathroom a modern makeover.

Feeling like it's time to be a bit more adventurous in your space? I’ve gathered my top 10 amazing colourful ideas for remodeling a bathroom. Question is: do you dare to go bold? Read on... Hannah

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