Small cloakroom basins: how micro can you go?

small basins made from colourful materials such as concrete or adorned with patterns

Do you have a small cloakroom or compact bathroom you’d like to spruce up? Say hello to tiny basins that pack a punch.

Recently, bathroom basins seem to have shrunk, going from small to tiny to micro. Fear not, these solutions aren’t plain white. We’re talking designs made from colourful materials or adorned with bold patterns. What’s more, no matter your style, you can find one to fit your scheme, literally – from elegant and traditional to uniquely shaped and modern.

This may be our new favourite bathroom trend. Intrigued? Read on to discover more about these itsy bitsy teenie weenie basins…

White marble basin with gold brassware and fluted wall panelling.
Sanctuary Arabescato basin, £500, Scudo.

Where do small basins work best?

Cloakrooms are the natural habitat of these tiny basins. Their petite dimensions make them ideal for snug British bathrooms. “Wall-mounted mini basins are increasingly popular for their space-saving qualities and modern appearance,” says Mike Manders, chief executive officer at Nôsa.

These tiny basins can also be used in larger bathrooms – just be aware that if you are using them for anything other than washing your hands, water might splash everywhere. And as these compact designs rarely have storage underneath, you may need separate cupboards or you can install them on top of a vanity to gain some space back. 

Terrazzo basin with black brassware on a teal wall in a bathroom.
Delano basin, £2765, Synk.

One hidden advantage of these mini solutions is their accessibility. Their compact size makes them ideal for multi-generational bathrooms, facilitating easy access for children and individuals with mobility needs. Who knew something so small could be so helpful?

Green micro basin with gold brassware and waste, pictured in a bathroom with beige tiles and green accents with plants.
Kast Juno, available in 28 colours, from £1600, Aston Matthews.

How to embrace the small basins trend

Small rooms are the perfect spot for letting your creativity run free, and there are so many options available these days, we are truly spoilt for choice! But do you dare to go bold?

If you love colour, why not choose a micro basin in your favourite shade? Or you can opt for a design with intricate patterns or an unconventional shape to boost the style factor of your cloakroom. “These basins may be small, but they can be big on style if you choose a striking design or, even better, a striking design in an interesting colour,” says Jamie Bebbington, Aston Matthews‘ managing director.

Compact green and white basin with black hardware and pink small tiles.
Smithfield basin, £600, with Zeze Blossom mosaic tiles, £8.33 each, all from Claybrook.

And if you are nervous about going all out with vibrant colours, try pulling out a pared-back shade from the room, such as the wallpaper, or matching your basin to the accessories. This will help create a cohesive scheme.

In terms of trends, we’re currently crushing on colourful concrete. “The latest trend we are seeing is for sculptural concrete wall-hung basins in a statement colour teamed with brushed brass taps,” says Jamie. What’s not to love?

White mini basin in a cloakroom with a barn sliding door, red wallpanelling and patterned wallpaper.
Marlborough basin, £465, Thomas Crapper.

Which taps work well with small basins?

Careful consideration is needed to ensure the chosen tap complements the size and style of your basin. If the tap is too big, it can overshadow the rest of the space. Tiny designs often need similar-sized taps to ensure correct proportions.

Stone small basin with intergraded towel in a stone beige bathroom.
Divo stone basin 55cm, £247, Nôsa.

“Small-scale wall and deck-mounted taps, which are tailored specifically for the proportions of a compact bathroom space or basin design, remain consistently popular,” advises Paul Illingworth, design manager at Abode. “They help to claw back valuable countertop space around the basin area, with distinct monobloc designs and single lever options adding functionality without compromising on style or quality.”

We’re also spotting a trend for exposed waste pipes, perfect for achieving the industrial look. Coordinating the waste with the tap, hardware and brassware can help you achieve a seamless scheme.

Ready for more inspiration? Scroll down…

Blue panel and wallpaper cloakroom with white traditional sainitaryware.
Guild 450 basin, £149, Burlington.
Green basin with orange wallpaper with black brassware and towel rail.
Beck in Matt Green, £520, Crosswater.
Black round terrazzo basin on a wooden worktop.
Micha in Confetti Terrazzo, £149, Tikamoon.
White basin with an intricate geometric shape, chrome waste and matching tap.
VAL small washbasin, from £410, Laufen.
White sink with exposed hardware and chrome tap.
Vero, price on application, Duravit.
Tiny sink with chrome tap with water running.
Vedo mixer tap, £128, Abode.

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