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Want a smart home bathroom full of exciting tech? Me too, so I was very happy to browse all the futuristic products below. From a toilet that cleans and dries you, to a tap which changes colour depending on the water temperature, there’s plenty of amazing tech out there. So here are our favourite smart home bathroom products.

A smart home bathroom is the ideal way to wow visitors to your house. When they ask to visit the bathroom, they’ll have a pleasant surprise waiting for them, and you’ll enjoy their reactions. So here are some products you might like to include.

A tap which changes colour depending on the water temperature

Firstly, we have this digital tap, which is suitable for both basins and baths and would suit any smart home bathroom. It’s made of solid brass with a shiny chrome finish, and features an open spout waterfall design. Not only does it look great, it also lets you control the temperature very easily. Just turn the tap on and off by touching the button, then change the temperature by turning the control. The digital control will gradually change colour as the temperature of the water turns from cold to hot. How’s that for 21st century?

digital temperature-sensing tap
Milano Parade digital wall-mounted basin mixer tap in chrome, £349.99, Big Bathroom Shop.
A colour-changing shower designed to balance your body’s energy

Secondly, we have this shower. It’s part of the exciting new collection designed by Davide Oppizzi for Graff, so it would fit perfectly into any smart home bathroom. Crafted from a hollowed and durable brass bar, the shower features an electronic system with a coloured ring which changes from red to blue to denote hot and cold.‎ The shower column also includes a chromotherapy system with RGB LED lighting, which aims to balance your body’s energy. We wouldn’t say no to that in the mornings!

shower in smart home bathroom
Ametis LED shower panel with chromotherapy, price on application, Graff.
A chic toilet which washes and dries you

Thirdly: is it a toilet? Is it a bidet? Well, it’s both, but it also looks very stylish and would complement your smart home bathroom. As you’d expect from a product combining two functions, it has a range of wash modes, adjustable drying temperature and a deodorising facility. It also includes an in-built light so you don’t trip over in the night. It even has a remote control, while it’s simple to change the settings and each user’s preferences can be saved. Oh, and it has a soft-close seat too. What’s not to love?

Japanese bidet toilet
Milano Luxus back-to-wall Japanese bidet toilet, £1849.99, Big Bathroom Shop.
A light which has millions of colours

Fourth up, this light is amazing and would brighten your smart home bathroom. It offers literally millions of different colours, so you can choose the perfect combination for you. It can also be voice activated, so if you get in the tub and then want to change the light colour, you can. In addition, it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can also control it from a smartphone app – along with up to 49 other lights. And of course, as it’s a bathroom light, it’s IP44-rated.

light in smart home bathroom
Xamento medium ceiling lamp, £189.99, Philips Hue.
A high-tech towel warmer

What’s better than a long soak in a hot bubbly bath? A hot fluffy towel when you get out of the hot bubbly bath, of course! This towel warmer bucket has a 20 litre capacity – enough space for two oversized bathrobes – and you can also put your pyjamas in (and, of course, your bath towels). It takes just a minute to heat up and is fully hot after six minutes. Plus there’s an auto shut-off timer so you don’t need to worry about leaving it on when you leave the house.

hot towel warmer bucket
Umi 20L hot towel warmer bucket, £142.99, Amazon.
A shower with two very different spray patterns

This stylish brass shower comes with a smart remote control, letting you switch between the shower’s two different refreshing spray patterns. Firstly, there’s the gentle, relaxing PureRain spray, which you can wallow under to refresh yourself. Secondly, there’s the stimulating ActiveRain, strong enough to rinse shampoo suds out of your hair and targeted enough to offer an energising head, neck, and back massage. The remote control boasts up to four years of battery life and can be placed in any position within the shower – so there’s no mains connection whatsoever. Lush.

brass shower in smart home bathroom
Rainshower SmartConnect 310, £796.21, Grohe.
A wifi-enabled downlight

This smart fire-rated downlight is perfect for bathroom use, as its low-profile design makes it the perfect fitting for shallow ceilings. You can dim the light, but even if you don’t, it has a lifespan of L70 60,000 hours (that’s nearly 7 years if you leave it on all the time). It provides you with tuneable white shades between 2700 and 6500K, and is tested to IP65 standard so is safe no matter how steamy your bathroom gets. Oh, and it’s WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled and can also be controlled via an app or smart home devices.

lights in smart home bathroom
Wiz Connected LED fire-rated downlight, £34.99, 4Lite.
A rain shower which blends technology and artistry

Another shower from Graff which the company say promotes a “deeper sense of wellness… water, light, colour, and sound orchestrated in harmonic balance transform the shower into a brilliantly composed symphony of self-care.” It’s said to “envelope the bather in a transcendent multi-sensory experience, transporting the soul to a place of tranquillity, art and beauty, while both soothing and invigorating the body”. Sounds good to us.

rain shower
Aqua-Sense rain shower, price on application, Graff.

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