Spa bathroom accessories for a truly luxe soak

spa bathroom accessories

Sure, we all have our favourite toiletries and face masks for a homemade spa day. But how can you prepare your bathroom for the most luxurious experience? Read on to find out.

We’ve rounded up all our favourite spa bathroom accessories for this edit. So get ready to get cosy, slide into a warm bath for a bubbly soak, and enjoy a truly luxe spa session.

Firstly, a towel warmer

Let’s be honest: you’re not going to enjoy your spa session as much if you’re chilly. But don’t worry – towel warmers are now available to heat up your towels while you soak. Just place them in your towel warmer, push a button and hey presto – they’ll be hot in minutes. This model accommodates up to two 40″ X 70″ oversized bath towels, and you can also use it to heat bathrobes, blankets, pyjamas and more. Bath time has never looked so cosy.

spa bathroom accessories
Spa bathroom accessories: Umi towel warmer, £142.99, Amazon.
Secondly, a set of fluffy towels

Stepping out of a hot bath and wrapping yourself in fluffy towels is the ultimate blissful spa experience. And now you can take them out of the towel warmer above so you’ll get dry in extra-quick time. Choose pure cotton for extra softness, and always use fabric conditioner when you wash them so that the towels stay soft. A neutral colour like beige is restful and relaxing – just what you want for a spa session.

spa bathroom accessories
Spa bathroom accessories: Pure cotton bathroom towels in Jacquard Wheat by Bemboka, from £9, House of Dome.
Thirdly, a bath rack

If you’ve never heard of a bath rack, then welcome to paradise. Also known as bath caddies, they sit across the bath and allow you to place objects on them. For example: toiletries, a candle, a book, a plant, a little radio, or even rose petals if you’re being romantic. If the object is relatively petite, you can place it on this prince of spa bathroom accessories for convenience. That beats accidentally knocking stuff off the side of the bath!

wooden rack to fit across tub
Spa bathroom accessories: Ash wood bath rack, £15, Dunelm.
Fourthly, a bath mat

There’s nothing like sinking your feet into a fluffy cotton bath mat to welcome you out of the bath. Make sure you wash yours with fabric conditioner to make it super-soft. You can go for a neutral colour (pictured) as that’s both super-luxe and restful. Then it’s time to towel yourself off with your warm fluffy towels, fresh out of the towel warmer. Isn’t this the very definition of bliss?

spa bathroom accessories
Spa bathroom accessories: Hotel Collection Zero Twist Mink Bath Mat, £12.50, Julian Charles.
Fifthly, Bluetooth speakers

So, if you want to listen to music while you soak (and who wouldn’t?), spa bathroom accessories will come to the rescue. You could take a portable radio or speaker into the bathroom. You could also buy this incredible mirror which has built-in Bluetooth speakers, and lie back and listen to your favourite sounds. Bear in mind that the mirror will have far less chance of falling into the bath!

bluetooth speakers next to a mirror
Spa bathroom accessories: Evelyn Illuminated LED Mirror With Bluetooth Technology, £219.99, Bathroom Mountain.
Fifthly, some gorgeous candles

There’s nothing like some light and a sweet scent to make you feel happy, and that’s where spa bathroom accessories come in. Choose a decadently scented candle like this one, which contains notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry, French cassis, violet leaves, rose petal, and grape leaf. It comes in a metallic container, perfect for using as a vase when you’re finished. It even comes beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box and has a long burn time of 40 hours.

a gold candle
Jonathan Adler Bubbly Pop Candle, £42, Sweetpea & Willow.
Alternatively, a reed diffuser

If you’re not a fan of fire, you can still infuse your bathroom with a delicious rich fragrance, courtesy of a reed diffuser. This one features a sumptuously autumnal blend of zesty orange and aromatic notes of clove, spice and cinnamon. The reed diffuser is made of natural rattan reeds and a square glass vessel with a bee design, and contains a natural bio oil fragrance. In addition, it takes a whole six weeks for the scent to fade. Everyone will want to use your bathroom!

a reed diffuser
Spiced Orange Reed Diffuser, £14.95, Annabel James.
Lastly, fluffy slippers and a bath robe

Every luxury hotel and spa worth its salt will provide you with a fluffy white cotton bath robe and white cotton slippers. But this is a DIY pamper session, so you’ll have to buy your own. Make sure they’re high quality – the more you spend, the softer they’re likely to be, and the longer they’ll last. You could even create the set-up below (though only the bath robe and slippers are included!)

slippers and bath robe
Spa bathroom accessories: White Cotton Dressing Gown and Slippers Collection, £80, The Fine Cotton Company.

Featured image: Acquawhite Ambiente Bañera Lech Plato Ducha Focus Inox Beton bathtub, Acquabella.

Fancy reading more about creating the perfect luxe bathroom, complete with spa bathroom accessories? Then check out this feature.

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