Trendy light-up mirrors for your bathroom

I appreciate the idea of light-up mirrors is decades old. However, fast forward to 2022, they are now much more design-led and pretty smart. Not only do they provide the perfect lighting for getting ready in the morning, they can help create mood lighting and can be motion controlled.

The new light-up mirrors are so much more than reflective surfaces with some LEDs. With a wave of your hand you can have warmer, softer mood lighting – perfect for your evening bath. Or, first thing in the morning you can have a bright white light, ideal for popping on make-up or flossing.

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Not only are they clever, they seem to be bang on trend. While walking around the KBB Show, I discovered that most bathroom stands were boasting a beautifully illuminated mirror hanging above a vanity unit. From round designs, to square, oval, large or small.

Not only are they different in shape, they also come in a variety of finishes, that can match the materials of your fixtures and fittings.

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They can come with lighting that’s built into the frame, or that provides ambient back lighting – more like art for your wall, rather than a practical tool used in our everyday lives.

So, let me show you the amazing range of light-up mirrors I spotted.

Love the pink that’s been used in this set up by Dansani.
This mirror, by Laufen, matches the shape of the sink beautifully.
This mirror has super subtle lighting, that creates a beautiful effect – which also matches the handles and worktop from Dansani.
This light-up mirror by Laufen has a beautiful colour and on trend ribbed effect glass surround.
This mirror, from Origins Livings, can change its colour and brightness through the wave of your hand.
A perfect sized mirror, from Imex, for two people getting ready at once.
If one light-up mirror isn’t enough, why not go for two. Love this set up from Shower Wall.

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