10 trendy desk lamps to brighten your home office

Now that my spare bedroom is also my home office, I’m spending a fair amount of time in there. And now that the season has turned to autumn and the days are a little more gloomy, my desk lamp gets turned on I’d say at about noon, closely followed by the main overhead light at about 3pm. I’ve never realised quite how little light the spare bedroom got through the day. Lovely in the morning as it faces east, but not so great for the rest of the day.

So I’m on the hunt for trendy desk lamps. I’ve already got a good angled task one, which is great for proof reading, but I’m in need of some more. I’m thinking a floor lamp and another table style layered to create plenty of light, but help it feel cosy, too.

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If you’re also looking for trendy desk lamps to light up your home office, I’d suggest a good task lamp that can be angled towards what you’re working on and moved accordingly and up to two additional lamps if you don’t want to use the overhead lighting (like me – it’s a bit too harsh for my liking).

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Layering is key and so is placing them around the room to ensure there’s good ambient lighting as well as it being bright enough for you to see your work without straining your eyes.

trendy desk lamps
Diana wall lamp in yellow, Circu.
Paramount brass table lamp, £390, The Culture of Art.
trendy desk lamps
Schwung Milan table lamp in black Gunmetal, £1099, Sweetpea & Willow.
Erla table lamp in smoked glass and matt black, £94.80, Där Lighting.
trendy desk lamps
Matt Ochre metal triangle table lamp, £140, Spicer and Wood.
Double gourde porcelain table lamp, £295, L’Atelier Natalia Willmott.
trendy desk lamps
Richie table lamp In silver, £100, Sofa.com.
Piloti floor lamp, £3,146, Arteriors.
trendy desk lamps
Ned standing lamp, £270, Pooky.
Zuiver Marlon table lamp in black, £89, Cuckooland.

Featured image: Habitat

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