6 stunning luxury bedroom ideas to transform your space

Our sleep spaces are incredibly personal, and yet it’s safe to say we all have one wish: for them to be the height of luxury. Being comfortable and feeling good in our bedrooms means we can relax and recharge, essential in a hectic lifestyle.

Amazingly, luxury bedroom ideas mean something different to everyone. For some, it will evoke an image of soft, bouncy mattresses, sumptuous textiles such as velvet, and an abundance of textures.

For others (and I’m talking about myself here, admittedly), understatement is key – think warm woods, a delicate palette, and rich textiles that look pared-back but feel endlessly soft. The interiors version of stealth wealth, if you like.

Luxury bedroom ideas to help you feel well rested

To help you create a space that not only serves its purpose but also matches your taste and personality, we have collected some of our favourite ideas and inspirations. Whether you like a maximalist look, a dark and moody cocooning space, or prefer boutique hotel style bedrooms, there is something here for everyone.

Plus, you can always adapt styles you see. Find a headboard you like, but find the rest of the space doesn’t match your style? Make it yours – nobody is stopping you. It’s like a design pick and mix. Find elements you like and think about how you could combine them in your own home for the ultimate in luxurious bedroom design.

Ready? Then let’s go…

1. Choose high-quality bedding

Let’s start with probably one of the smallest luxury bedroom ideas – the bedding you sleep in. No matter which material you prefer, make sure to opt for the highest quality you can afford. It will not only last for a long time but also feel comfortable on your skin.

Soft, well-loved bedding feels welcoming and luxurious
Catarina 100% linen bedding in Rose, from £19.99 for a pillowcase, Woolroom.

Cotton and linen are classic choices and exude quiet comfort. Both materials soften over time when washed, but cotton will always be the softer of the two. However, both are great choices if you tend to run hot at night. These natural materials are breathable and help to keep you cool.

How can you tell if bedding is of good quality?

When you buy cotton, you’ll find a number of options. Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular luxury bedroom ideas – it’s smooth yet durable and resistant to piling. Made with an extra-long staple (the longest cotton fibre available), it’s the highest-possible quality you’ll find. You won’t be surprised to hear it can also be quite pricey.

Silk linen is one of our favourite luxury bedroom ideas
Mulberry silk bed linen by Gingerlily in white, from £98 for an Oxford pillowcase, French Bedroom.

The most common variety is called Upland, and usually what you find when you buy 100% cotton bedding. It’s not quite as soft, but can be just as high in quality. The same applies to jersey and flannel, which are further alternatives – flannel is especially great in the winter.

What is the most luxurious bedding material?

For the absolute peak of luxury bedroom ideas, look no further than silk. Making it is a delicate process, as it is woven from the fibre produced by silk worms, which is reflected in the price. However, it comes with heaps of benefits. Silk bedding feels cool and rich, plus is naturally hypoallergenic. Not to mention it helps your hair and skin retain moisture, which means less frizz, bedhead, and sleep wrinkles. What’s not to love?

A quality mattress is important when creating  luxury bedroom
Tennyson mattress by Harrison Spinks for Feather & Black, £1799 for a double, Feather & Black.

That said, bear in mind that silk bedding needs very specific care. Only wash it on a cold cycle and ideally with a special silk detergent as otherwise you risk ruining it. It’s even better if you can place it in a mesh laundry bag for extra protection.

Silk also bleaches in direct sun, because it’s a protein-based natural fibre. So consider not only where you dry it, but also the positioning of your bed. On the upside, the material will keep you cool at night. And if you care for it well, it should last decades.

A statement headboard is an easy way to elevate your space and create a feeling of luxury
Luana rattan double headboard, £209.22, Out & Out.

2. Luxury bedroom ideas: statement headboards

Think of the most glamorous space you can imagine. I bet it features a striking headboard, right?

It’s an easy way to really add impact to your space, and there is a whole range of styles to choose from. Pick something ornamental if you like traditional looks, or a more geometric design for a modern scheme.

A buttoned headboard looks stylish and classic
Camelia divan in Tulip, £1645 for a double, Button & Sprung.

Headboards with deep buttons look chic and classic, while a large solid-colour solution will look sleek and contemporary.

Of course you can opt for patterns, too. Florals or palm leaf prints are always a good idea, but a lot of luxurious modern bedroom designs also feature animal prints – especially zebra patterns.

Our main advice is to make sure your headboard’s dimensions fit the size of your bed and the size of the overall space. If you have high ceilings, a tall design will look striking and stylish – but the same headboard could look domineering and overwhelming in a smaller space.

3. Bring in stone

You might not expect to find a material generally considered cold in a feature about luxury bedroom ideas, but hear me out…

One of the key meanings of luxury is to opt for something desirable, which may or may not also be harder to come by – and what is more desirable than, for example, marble?

Adding stone to your bedroom can transform the look and adds extra texture
Lagoa Pink Marble, priced from £750 per sq m, Cullifords.

Stone flooring may be a little too cold, but you could consider using the material elsewhere. Bedside or dressing tables topped with marble look effortlessly cool and elegant – lamp bases, too.

But if you really want to go for the wow factor, why not use the stone as your headboard? You can use real marble or a lookalike material – both are sure to add impact and make a striking design statement. Just be aware that real stone will need extra care, especially one as soft as marble, so be careful with how you place and use it.

If you don't want to deal with the upkeep of marble, effect tiles are a great alternative
Jurassic marble-effect porcelain tiles in Luce, from £72 per sq m, Stone & Ceramic Warehouse.

If you do use it as a statement headboard spanning the entire wall, consider including a small ledge above the bed. This will offer storage but also create a display space for your favourite vase filled with fresh flowers, pictures, or a few books.

4. Colours and patterns for luxury bedroom ideas

A lot of the glamorous spaces you see have one thing in common: they look as if the entire scheme was planned all the way through, right down to the smallest details.

Designed by Naomi Astley Clarke, this bedroom unites a number of luxury bedroom ideas – from texture to colour and pattern
Clapham Townhouse, designed by Naomi Astley Clarke.

Pared-back palettes such as soft neutrals – often using one key colour, such as pink, paired with a slightly off white – or grey tones are very popular.

But if that’s not your thing, why not go for brighter colours. Busier patterns can work well, too. What matters is that you keep it cohesive and matching, rather than going all out and making things clash.

The colour scheme should be coherent and pared back – combine similar hues of the same shade, instead of going wild
Laura Ashley fitted bedroom in Marston Cobble Grey, from £4000, Symphony.

Instead of pairing red, pink, and orange in equal measures – which can work – think about using one base colour and then levelling it up with accents.

For patterns, florals are an evergreen option. Ditsy or maximalist, you can use them as a highlight feature that draws the eye or make them blend into a considered scheme.

The key is to think about what you want to achieve and then looking at how you can get there. Start with the base colour and then see how you can add complementary shades and patterns – a moodboard is best for this – before putting anything on the wall.

Carpet might not seem like one of the main luxury bedroom ideas, but if you pair it right it can bring texture and colour into the space
Wool carpet in Wishing Well Chevron, £100 per sq m, Fibre Flooring.

5. Texture, texture, texture

While pared back colour is thought to be the epitome of luxury bedroom ideas, texture is almost the other way around – the more, the better.

Mixing different textiles adds layers to a scheme, which creates interest. But it also makes a room feel warm and cosy, no matter how bright the space may be. And if you have an all-white scheme, bringing in tactile fabrics such as velvet, well-loved linen, or even fake fur adds softness and luxury.

And don’t stop at textiles. Think about where else you can bring different materials into the space. A soft rug on wooden floor, for example, is a good starting point. Area rugs are also a great way to achieve a warm and inviting
bedroom feel. An upholstered chair, layered curtains, or a headboard made from a different type of wood will add more interest and texture.

Texture is one of the luxury bedroom ideas that is often overlooked
Bedroom design by Happy Beds, price on application.
Combining different materials and textures is a luxury bedroom idea that will ensure you feel warm and welcome
Fox 100% cashmere throw, £675; Wilderness 100% cashmere throw, £550; Linen cushions, from £219; Alaia marble cube side table in Monet, £850; Zulu tray, £189; Moon vessel No 6, £429, all Collection Noir.

6. Why not have a bath in your boudoir?

I know what you’re thinking, but read on. The ultimate luxury is being able to completely relax, right? And what better way to achieve that than a nice, long soak?

Putting a bath in your bedroom will require a little more work – you’ll have to make sure the floor can carry the weight and it is waterproof – but as far as luxury bedroom ideas go, it’s top of the range. Choose a slipper or boat design to add easy elegance.

For the finish, a painted exterior that matches your colour scheme looks great. But for a really sophisticated feel think metal finishes such as polished copper, nickel, or silver. You can visually zone the bathing area through contrasting tiles and wallcoverings or make it blend in by keeping everything matching.

A copper bath set against an exposed brick wall.
Copper bath, price on application, Copperfield Baths.
Brooklyn 8-inch outdoor and bathroom dome Wall light in pewter and brass,£159, Industville. Photography: Kilmartin Castle (@kilmartincastle), Susie Lowe (@susielowestudio)

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Featured image: Ariel upholstered bed, from £1945, Sweetpea & Willow.

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