Your guide to designing a perfect bedroom layout: expert advice

Looking to redesign or completely renovate your bedroom? Then you need a good layout. It’s the key to creating good flow and maximising your space. But where should you start? From where to position your bed to gaining extra storage, we’ve covered everything.

So, to help you sort your space, we’ve asked the industry experts for their top tips and best bedroom layout ideas. Get your pen and paper out, and let’s dive in…

Bedroom layout ideas: Start with the bed

When looking at the floor plan, the placement of your bed is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing a bedroom. It’s the focal point of the space, so it’s crucial to get it right.

According to feng shui principles, your bed should be facing the door but you don’t want to have any architectural features directly above it. The correct positioning of the bed will ultimately influence your mood and sleep. However, you should never place it directly in line with the door. And keep in mind that you shouldn’t have mirrors near the bed either. The headboard represents stability, so it should be firmly set against the wall.

Symmetry and a calming colour palette are equality important. So, pop two nightstands on either sides of the bed and and play with warm, earthy hues to promote a tranquil atmosphere in the room.

If you’re looking to buy a new solution, King Living Design Studio recommends choosing a bed which fits the space comfortably. This will allow for your wardrobe doors to open easily and so, the bedside tables will be accommodated, too.

Nothing will make a bedroom feel less like a sanctuary than a tight squeeze.

King Living Design Studio

Got an awkwardly shaped room? No problem! If you have to work with architectural features such as alcoves, they can actually prove to be a good design opportunity. “Alcoves are particularly useful anchor points, as they can be used to frame the bed and provide useful storage or a nook for your bedside table,” recommends Patricia Gibbons, from the design team at

Colourful design with bedside table in an alcove and an upholstered bed
Bedroom layout ideas: In this project by Zulufish, the bedside tables sit in an alcove. Clever!
pink and green bedroom design with textured bed, wall panelling and desk ares built within an alcove
Master bedroom layout ideas: Use awkward spaces to create a multi-functional design. Here, the compact nook became a desk area with open shelving for storage. Cambourne bed, from £699, Feather & Black.

Storage, storage, and more storage

A great bedroom layout has to include hard-working storage. Whether you’re looking to gain more organising space for your wardrobe or want to create a dedicated area for your bedtime essentials, it’s important to pay attention to your needs and find solutions which cater to them.

Fitted furniture will be your best friend here so you need to factor that in first as it will create significantly more storage space thanks to its tailor-made qualities.

Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval Furniture

Fitted furniture can be designed around the proportions of your room, so you can rest assured you won’t waste an inch of space. The latest solutions come in a multitude of styles, materials, and finishes, meaning you can tailor it to your taste (and budget).

What’s more, this type of furniture is great for accommodating sloped ceilings or awkward alcoves, making it ideal for loft conversions and beyond.

Loft design with walk-in wardrobe
Langham bedroom with fitted wardrobes, from £2500 for furniture only, Daval Furniture.

Small bedroom? Don’t worry, these days there are plenty of solutions to help you make the most of your space.

“Multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman storage bed, a bed with drawers, or a bedside table that doubles as a desk can be great ways to make your limited space work harder,” advises Rachel Marshall, brand manager at Bensons for Beds.

Another good idea is to install open shelves for extra storage space and added practicality.

bedroom layout ideas: fitted furniture with spacious bed and tactile rug on the floor
Manhattan bedroom from £2000, Sharps.

Does your bedroom need to act a home office too? No problem! “For spaces that work as both a place of slumber and work-from-home set up, look to slim desks and chairs that don’t occupy too much floor area. Place them near a window for maximum exposure to natural light,” advises the team at King Living Design Studio.

Think about lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the way your bedroom feels and functions. Nobody wants to be blinded by bright lights, right? Piero De Marchis, director at Detail Lighting, suggests it’s best to avoid placing lights directly over the bed area. By opting for ambient solutions, you can create a more relaxing environment.

“Recessed LED ceiling lighting is a good option for illuminating the whole room, as this will provide you with the light levels you need without compromising on the softer, more soothing feeling,” he says.

For more guidance on bedroom lighting, click here.

big bed with white and blue bedding and well-thought-out lighting scheme
Darcy embroidered 100% Turkish cotton 210 TC duvet cover set in white and blue, £95 for a double, Sazy.

Clear your clutter

Whether you’ve got a small bedroom or a big boutique-style layout, it’s important to not overcrowd it. You know what they say – clean space, clear mind.

Removing unnecessary clutter is an obvious approach but take it one step further and think about reducing furniture within your scheme and simplifying your furnishings.

Naomi Astley Clarke, interior designer

So, you might already have a good bedroom layout in place, but if it’s filled to the brim with décor, storage boxes, or clothes, then it will not function properly. I mean… hands up if you’ve got the chair – the place where anything and everything ends up. No judging here!

Keep only the essentials, whether we’re talking about furniture or accessories, and take a minimalist approach on the way you organise your bedroom.

guest room ideas: calming design with blue bedding and natural furniture
Bedroom ideas: Keep a tidy space for a calming feeling. Cotton rich plain percale duvet cover and pillowcase set in Slate Blue, from £35 for a double, Next.

The finishing touches

After you’ve got the perfect positioning of your bed and make sure you’ve included enough storage, comes the fun part – time to decorate!

Next, if you’ve got the space, why not create a getting-ready area in an alcove or plain corner? With a compact dressing table and an upholstered footstool, you can achieve a stylish addition to your bedroom layout.

Are you a bit of a book worm? Then, you can also factor in a reading nook. “An empty corner is the perfect place for an armchair or additional seating area,” advises home interior expert Anna Elkington at Melody Maison.

bedroom layout ideas: pink design with neutral bed, white armchair, comfortable rug and wall lights
Electric ottoman bed, from £1639 for a double, and Modern rocking chair, £163, Back in Action.
bedroom layout ideas: neutral design with bedside tables, lamps and armchair
Bedlington headboard, £705, Loaf.

In conclusion, paying close attention to the key factors mentioned above will help you design a perfect bedroom layout.

By choosing the right placement of your furniture and prioritising the much-needed storage solutions, while embracing earthy tones and clearing your clutter, you are now all set to achieve a pretty and practical space.

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