Are dressing room islands the new must-have?

White dressing room with central island

When designing a dressing room, what are the most important things to consider? Plenty of wardrobe space? Lots of room to show off your shoe collection? Or maybe a central unit that really puts your accessories into the spotlight?

Enter: dressing room islands. No longer only reserved for kitchens, an island makes a stylish and practical addition to this space, too, boosting your storage while creating a luxurious look.

Whether you go for a large chunky design or a more streamlined piece, there are no limits (beyond the available floor area, of course). But how popular are dressing room islands, I hear you ask? Well, why don’t we take a closer look at everything there is to know?

open-plan bedroom with dressing room
Fitted wardrobes and dressing room island in Charcoal, price on application, Neville Johnson.

Dressing room islands – a new must-have?

According to research by furniture company Neville Johnson, searches for ‘dressing room island’ have increased by 50% in the past year. That’s indicative of at least a burgeoning trend, but it also points to something else: more and more of us want storage that is truly personalised and suits our specific lifestyles.

White dressing room with marble countertop
Dressing rooms from Brandt Design start from £10,000.

I don’t know about you, but I can fully relate. If I had the space for a layout with a dressing room island, I know exactly how I’d design it to really suit what I want. And that’s the biggest benefit of dedicated spaces – you can create them to store all the things you own.

Neatsmith grey dressing room with island
Shadow oak dressing room with Mink Luna hinged doors, island, and Nouvel handle, price on application, Neatsmith.

Do you have a lot of long dresses or jumpsuits? A higher-up hanging rail is ideal, because it stops hems from trailing on the floor. Want to show off your shoe collection? An expansive shelf, maybe with illuminated compartments to truly give you your own Carrie Bradshaw moment, is a gorgeous solution.

But how do dressing room islands fit into this, you ask?

Personalise your space

They are an ideal way to create dedicated storage for smaller bits and bobs. Think accessories, belts, scarves… all the little things that easily get lost in a bigger wardrobe, even if you keep them in boxes.

But not only that – dressing room islands also allow you to make a feature of your favourite pieces, by including a glazed top rather than solid wood.

Mowlem & Co dressing room
Dressing room with fitted wardrobes, painted in Ammonite, and central island unit, price on application, Mowlem & Co.

Include drawers to make them even more practical. This way, you won’t have to bend down and rummage around at the back of a cabinet – which would defeat the point. Then, look at specific inserts designed to store exactly what you want to keep, from rings or bracelets to belts.

You can also request drawers with light-up interiors, which make it even easier to spot the contents at a quick glance. Plus, you don’t need a fully closed front, either – drawers with half fronts leave part of the interior exposed, so you can peek in and get a glimpse of the contents without fully opening it.

White walk-in wardrobe with low central unit
Sherbourne walk-in wardrobe in white, from £2000, Sharps.

But what if I want to include a seat?

Fear not – you can, of course, have both. A separate bench or stool (this one ideally paired with a dressing table) is, of course, a good idea. But how about a dressing room island with built-in seating?

An island with seating is a practical solution for spaces of all sizes
Callerton at KI Bathrooms dressing room with island in Granton, walnut interior, and Silestone countertop. KI Bathrooms designs start from £7000.

Opt for a bench-height design, which simply incorporates storage underneath the seat. Or consider a full-height design with seating, so you can get ready in style and still have everything close to hand.

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Featured image: Harpsen dressing room in white, price on application, Hammonds.

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