Bedroom lighting ideas: 7 ways to light your dream space

bedroom lighting ideas including a white marble table lamp, a brass and glass crystal pendant chandelier and a brass floor lamp

Bedrooms are the calmest room of the house. They’re where you go to relax, so the lighting you choose needs to be perfect. Here are seven bedroom lighting ideas to help you create a super-zen space.

Bedroom lighting ideas? We’ve got seven of them to help you design your dream lighting scheme. From providing lighting for partners, to making a statement, these ideas are nothing short of lit (sorry).

1. Bedroom lighting ideas: Save space with a sleek floor lamp

Firstly: don’t clutter up your bedside table with a lamp. Use a floor lamp instead, as your floor area is more abundant than the space on top of your nightstand. Use that space for books, charging your phone and bashing your alarm clock into silence.

a freestanding brass floor lamp
Bedroom lighting ideas: Aesop Standing Lamp in Antiqued Brass, £390, Pooky.

2. Alternatively, set up a bedside pendant light

Secondly: short on floor space? You definitely won’t be short on ceiling space, so set up a bedside pendant light. Just one thing: make sure the switch is next to the bed so you don’t have to get up to turn it off before you sleep.

bedroom lighting ideas including a hanging pendant light with brass tubes against a navy headboard with a bed, mattress and bedside table underneath
Bedroom lighting ideas: Burj Pendant Light, price on application, Luxxu.

3. Bedroom lighting ideas: Make a statement with the ‘big light’

Thirdly: go big or go home, we say, especially with the ‘big light’ (aka the main ceiling light). Make a statement, for example with this super-luxe brass pendant chandelier. If you can’t be opulent in the bedroom, where can you be opulent?

a crystal chandelier with brass profiles and light fitting
Bedroom lighting ideas: Laura Ashley Lighting Rhosill Grand 4-Light Pendant in Glass and Antique Brass, £395, Där Lighting.

4. Give your guests sufficient light

Sure, you might sleep solo on one side of the bed, but what if you have a surprise guest to stay? Ensure you have a lamp or light on both sides. The same goes for guest bedrooms, because you never know when you’re going to have visitors.

bedroom lighting ideas including a brass freestanding floor lamp with a round shade
Bedroom lighting ideas: Dante Table Lamp in Brass, £59, Cult Furniture.

5. Provide yourself with several different lighting options

Variety is the spice of, well, lighting. Sometimes you want to be dazzled at night – say, if you’re getting ready to go out. But sometimes you just want a gentle light to meditate or relax in. Ensure you have plenty of options to play with.

a white marble table lamp with an exposed filament in the round bulb
Bedroom lighting ideas: Athens Marble Table Lamp by It’s About RoMi in White, £87, Lime Lace.

6. Install a wall light

Just like ceilings, bedrooms generally have plenty of spare wall space. A wall light may need to be chased down the wall, so you may need to replaster and repaint afterwards – but it’ll look great once it’s up.

a small pink coloured glass wall light
Bertie Small Pink Coloured Glass Wall Light, £195, Glow Lighting.

7. Ensure your lights work well

It’s all very well having stunning lights, but you need to ensure they work optimally too. So keep the right sorts of spare bulbs for each of your lights handy in bedside drawers in case any go. Also get your lights fixed if they break. And lastly, dust them!

bedroom lighting ideas including a cloud chandelier full of bubbles fixed to the ceiling with a long brass fitting on a black background
Frosted Bubble Cloud Chandelier in Black and Gold, £829.99, Dowsing and Reynolds.

So, did you enjoy this feature on bedroom lighting ideas? Then read our piece on bathroom lighting next.

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