Bedroom gadgets to enhance your lifestyle

We all know you shouldn’t bring your phone into the bedroom. But… we are all guilty of scrolling in bed late at night, right? Don’t worry, it’s a judgement-free zone here. To help you have a restful sleep, we found some great gadgets set to enhance your lifestyle.

Perfect sleep has many elements, and if one is slightly off, the whole night can be ruined. You could be too hot or cold, still smell dinner, or your neighbours might be a little too loud. Then, sleep will allude to you. We’ve all been through this, so could smart bedroom gadgets help sort these problems?

Let’s look at how the latest bedroom solutions can stimulate or soothe your senses, from body clock lamps and air purifiers to clever bed designs…

Modern bed with Philips Hue smart light illuminations behind the headboard and side of bed
Create the right mood to fall asleep faster and wake up rested with Philips Hue‘s table lamps, from £189.99, and floor lamps, from £279.99.

See the light

Darkness naturally prepares our bodies for sleep while light helps us wake up. We have an inbuilt alarm clock that is coordinated with the sun. So, when you go to bed, how about creating a calming atmosphere with help from lighting? Smart bulbs are one way to help you create a dark ambience with little hassle through apps.

For example, the Philips Hue lamps are easily adjustable to create a moody atmosphere in the room and get you ready to go to sleep. Think various colours and light settings that make it fully bespoke to you. These clever lamps can also slowly turn the lights on to gently wake you in the morning.

Sunrise alarm clocks are another great option if you want to mimic the morning light. The Lumie gadget gradually pulls you out of sleep as it lights up while it plays relaxing sounds or your favourite radio station – yes, please!

If being woken up by artificial light isn’t your thing, and you want the real sun in the morning, why not opt for smart blinds or curtains? Natural light will help regulate your circadian rhythm, which has proven health and lifestyle benefits. Brands such as Swift Direct Blinds or Thomas Sanderson have options that let you set a timer for the blinds to open at the preferred moment in the morning.

Woman in bed next to a Quiet Mark UK certified Lumie Bodyclock Luxe
Quiet Mark certified Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB, from £199.
Bed with Thomas Sanderson smart electric blinds
Wake up to sunlight with the smart electric blinds from Thomas Sanderson, available in over 300 colours.
Blinds that you can control with your phone using Swift Direct Blinds Electric Roller Blinds
Fancy controlling your blinds with your phone? Try the Electric roller blinds from Swift Direct Blinds.

Bedroom gadgets: Feel the heat

While a good mattress is a vital part of a good night’s sleep, there are many more elements that you can include to enhance your bed. Nowadays, there are some amazing gadgets which help snuggle you in warmth in the colder months and cool you down when it gets too hot.

Creating the optimum bed temperature can be tricky – especially when there are partners or pets involved – so, why not embrace technology to help you out? Electric blankets help regulate your body temperature, while weighted blankets tend to be very warm with the added benefit of feeling cocooned.

Fans can also be used either in the winter months as extra heating or in the summer to cool down. Tall tower fans regulate the whole room and bedside fans can be pointed directly at your pillow. Of course, fans could be noisy. So, look for a gadget that is Quiet Mark certified or has a very low sound rating on the decibel scale to minimise sounds.

Bedroom gadgets: weighted blanket on top of white bedding
Snuggle up with Cuckooland’s Icon Celine velvet weighted blanket, from £69.95.
Bedroom gadgets: tall and illuminated air purifier next to bed
Clean the air while heating the room with Hotsnap’s Vortex Air Cleanse bladeless air purifier hot/ cool fan, from £179.99.

Hear calming sounds

Smart speakers are the obvious choice when looking at sound in the bedroom. There are countless solutions where you can connect your phone to the speakers, then use the clever app functions to help you drift off to sleep. However, if you want to make the whole bed smart – there are now options.

Smart beds come with plenty of functions, such as speakers in the headboard that give you a full surround sound experience. Imagine lying back in bed and hearing rainforest sounds or calming waves – just heaven. Other clever features include USB ports to change your phone at night, and under-bed lighting with motion sensors.

Bedroom gadgets: Smart bed with USB charging points, bluetooth speakers and lights
The Koble Snor smart bed is available in two sizes, from £799, Cuckooland.

Bedroom gadgets: Smell the fresh air

Isn’t getting in bed with fresh sheets the best feeling? Well, that can be ruined by unwanted smells that linger in the room. But we’ve got a solution – say hello to air purifiers that remove smells, dust and other particles from the surrounding area. Again, like the fans I mentioned before, make sure you check how quiet the fan is and see if you can sleep with it gently humming away as you sleep. Or you can use it as a white noise machine – two for the price of one.

Air purifiers are now available in a range of sizes, but you need to think about how big your room is in order to get the right purification you require. While some are portable and can be moved from room to room, the DustMagnet from Blueair actually looks like a bedside table and has a modern white and grey look. Pretty!

Air purifier Blueair DustMagnet used as a bedside table next to bed
Combine a bedside table with an air purifier with help from the DustMagnet 5440i, from £399, Blueair.
Bedroom gadgets: Bed with Honeywell HPA830 Designer Tower Air Purifier
The Honeywell HPA830 Designer Tower air purifier, from £210, is Quiet Mark certified.

In conclusion, with help from these clever bedroom gadgets, sleeping stress-free has never been easier.

Shopping edit

Give these bedroom gadgets, from electric blankets to air purifiers, a try to enhance your lifestyle…

1. Electric blanket, from £59.99 for a double, VonHaus. 2. Foot warmer, from £19.99, Amazing Health. 3. Vortex Air Cleanse Bladeless air purifier with hot and cold settings, from £179.99, Hotsnap. 4. Quiet Mark certified Globe Fan, from £69.99, Duux. 5. Weighted blanket, from £69.50, Back in Action.

If you need more advice, check out our guide on How to sleep better: Bedroom design tips for a restful night

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