Mood lamps to keep seasonal affective disorder at bay

With the clocks going back at the end of October, we’ll soon have less daylight hours. Hands up if you are not looking forward to waking up in complete darkness this autumn and winter…

Seasonal affective disorder – also known as winter blues – is a type of depression that begins in autumn and lasts until the end of winter (hence the name). Waking up when it’s still dark outside can have a big impact on our overall mood. But luckily, we can keep our spirits up with the help of the latest bodyclock and mood lamps.

How do mood lamps actually work?

Mood lamps come equipped with adjustable warm lights that mimic the sunrise and sunset, so you can keep your circadian rhythm (internal clock) spot on even when we have fewer daylight hours during the colder months.

They’re a great addition to your bedside table as their clever lighting functions can help you fall asleep faster and even rest better. Some models also have nature-inspired sound effects, FM radio through bluetooth connection, and a practical timer.

Plus, mood lamps can help to boost your productivity and positivity levels while promoting concentration and relaxation, making them perfect for home offices, too.

Now get your shopping cart ready as we’ve rounded up some of our favourite solutions

Mood lamps for better sleep

Lumie mood lamp
Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB, £229, Lumie.
bodyclock solution
WL50 Daylight table lamp, £67.99, Beurer.
Philips wake up naturally LED solution
SmartSleep wake-up light, £135.99, Philips.
daylight therapy
TL45 Perfect Day Daylight therapy lamp, £86.86, Beurer.
blue light
Sunrise alarm clock wake-up light, £27.19, Foryond.
halo mood lamp
Halo effective light therapy in black and copper, £219, Lumie.
sunrise and sunset simulation
Wake-up light sunrise alarm clock with sunrise and sunset simulation, £35.99, Vogherb
mood lamp
SAD lamp, £36.99, Ulightown.

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