Seven headboard ideas to transform your bedroom

Sleepeezee windsor headboard

What does your headboard look like? Whether it’s a metal design – does anyone else remember the black Ikea bed everyone had about 10 years ago? – or fabric, we know it’s not an easy piece to pick.

After all, a headboard – or the absence of one – can very much inform your bedroom scheme.

But what would you say if I told you there are now designs made from marble? Or those that serve double duty, being decorative while also adding plenty of hidden storage?

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I’ve collated a few ideas on how your headboard can transform your bedroom – read on to find one (or more) to add to your own space.

Think differently

As said, marble headboards are a thing now. And not just those – stone in general may not sound like your first choice of material, but it can really make a statement. Or how about a dark granite? It creates a really cool background, plus your linen will pop – no matter if you have white, soft pastels, or bold jewel tones. This is the Panda White marble, from £750 per sq m, from Cullifords. Swoon!

Create a divide

You don’t have to place your bed against the wall – wild, right? If you do decide to arrange yours more central in the room, your headboard can act as a divider to clearly mark different areas. This bespoke headboard by K&H Design is low enough to not block the view from the windows, but high enough to rest against. It is priced £1791 for the headboard and bed base.

Be flexible

Who said a headboard always has to be fixed in place? Saba Italia’s Limes bed, from £3700 at Go Modern, includes ‘intelligent functionality’ to help you get the best night’s sleep. It has a split headboard which can be positioned like sails anywhere around the frame.

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Go bold

There are plenty of trends around, but I’m a big fan of florals, Japanese style, and gothic influences – so you can see why I picked this particular design. This is the Oriental headboard, £475, from Rockett St George, which looks even better when paired with equally dark bed linens. Yes, please.

Look for multi-functional

Whether you’re tight on space or – like me – simply want to keep your books close to hand, a headboard doing double duty is a clever solution. The bonus? You can rest your morning cuppa just within reach, too, for breakfast in bed. Nice. This is the Smuggler headboard, £495 from Loaf, which is made from solid reclaimed fir in a light beached finish. We like.

Create a headboard with paint

Nobody said your headboard has to be made from fabric. In fact, opting for a small design and painting a part of the wall to match (or contrast, if you’re so inclined) can create a very cool effect. In this scheme, Paint & Paper Library’s pure flat emulsion in Sharkskin, £49.50 for 2.5 litres, draws the eye.

So, which style is your favourite? Or do you maybe have an entirely different idea?

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Featured image: Let’s be honest: can you think of anything more comfortable than button-back furniture? Because I’m trying, and it’s hard to come up with an answer. So it’s only logical that investing in this look is a smart choice that also looks good. This is the Windsor headboard from Sleepeezee, from £539, in Plush Light Pink fabric. And set against a statement floral wallpaper, it looks even more inviting.

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