How to decorate your bedroom with sage green

Do you want to add a touch of tranquillity to your bedroom? Sage green is the ultimate colour for infusing your space with a sense of relaxation.

This soft and inviting shade has transitioned from a trend to a timeless choice, and it’s easy to see why – it is versatile and can suit any room in the house, especially the bedroom.

If you’re ready to decorate your sleep space using sage green, here is our guide to using it in big and small ways…

Wooden bed upholstered in green in a cottage style bedroom with large rustic shutters.
Mabel king size bed, £1299, Atkin and Thyme.

Why sage green?

Out of all the hues – and all the greens – what makes sage unique? Colour theory tells us that it can represent harmony and tranquillity and can even connect you with the outdoors. Its calming presence helps create a restful environment, ideal for a sleep space.

Sage green built-in bedroom furniture with an elegant look.
Orion bedroom in sage green, from £5400, Symphony.

“Green is a fantastic choice for a bedroom colour as it brings a sense of calmness and serenity, perfect for promoting relaxation and a restful night’s sleep,” explains Kate Palmer, creative director at The Painted Furniture Company. “Its association with nature and connection to the outdoors further helps to create a tranquil atmosphere, so it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular. 

“Green is also considered a ‘balanced’ colour, as it sits in the middle of the colour spectrum between warm and cool tones. This balance is thought to bring a sense of equilibrium, further helping with general well-being, ideal for a bedroom.”

Velvet storage bed with lots of cushions and blankets.
Amalfi velvet storage bed in sage green, £699, Danetti.

Decorating with sage green

With such a versatile and engaging shade, the fun of decorating knows no bounds! Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages, believes that it can be used both confidently across your scheme and in more delicate ways. “It can be used all over, covering walls and floors for a colour-drench effect, or as an accent on pillows, throws, and decorative items to add subtle pops of colour,” he says.

Colour drenching – the latest decorating technique where you use one colour to decorate your room – is taking the interiors world by storm. However, by choosing a soft tone like sage green, which won’t overpower the space, you can make sure your bedroom still feels open and bright.

Cherry blossom wallpaper on a green background in a calming bedroom.
Spring Blossom wallpaper in sage green, from £19, I Love Wallpaper.
Silk bedding on a large bed with lots of cushions and pillows.
Silk duvet cover in sage green, from £410, Gingerlily.

Sage bed linen and more finishing touches

If you prefer something more subtle, how about upgrading your bed linen or adding a few final flourishes? “For those who prefer a more neutral palette with a pop of colour, sage green works beautifully as an accent,” says Josie Medved, design manager at Symphony Group. “You can introduce sage green through accessories, throw pillows, artwork, or a feature wall. In either case, sage green has the ability to transform a bedroom into a tranquil haven, perfect for relaxation and rest.”

Molly Freshwater, co-founder and creative director at Secret Linen Store, agrees: “I love to layer sage bed linen with plenty of cushions and throws in cream, grey, and darker shades of green for a show-stopping bedtime.”

Gingham and striped bed linen with fluffy cushions and throws.
Ottilie cushion in sage, £80, French Bedroom.
Sage green and white cotton bed linen in a minimalist bedroom.
100% washed cotton bedding, from £35.99, Torres Novas.

What colours work with sage green?

As you probably can tell by the images, sage green has subtle variations. Some shades have a warm allure while others are more cool – these work better with blues, purples and greys, for example.

Understanding the undertones can help you mix and match the right hues. Inês Vaz Pinto, head of marketing and communications at Torres Novas, takes us through some popular colour combinations:

  • White: in contrast with this bright shade, green provides a light and fresh touch
  • Neutrals: the combination of green and cream creates a comfortable and cosy scheme
  • Dusty pink: thanks to its romantic allure, this shade adds a soft, contemporary feel
  • Grey: this tone helps you achieve a sophisticated aesthetic
Bedroom with stipe wallpaper near a bed with wooden bedside table.
Heritage Stripe wallpaper in Sage and Vintage Cream, from £50, Lucie Annabel.
Neural bedroom with soft green, beige and brown shades.
Chalk Paint in Coolabah Green, from £26.95 for 1 litre, Annie Sloan.
Bedroom with floral curtains, large headboard behind a comfy bed with pillows.
Water Meadow curtains in Eucalyptus, price on application, Iliv.
Green hotel bedroom with sage green on the walls with dark palm wallpaper with matching bed linen.
Crane Fonda wallpaper in Jade Green, £150, Divine Savages.
Green velvet bed with scalloped edges.
Snowdon super-king size bed in Vintage Green, £1876, Darlings of Chelsea.

Shop the look

To help you recreate this calming aesthetic, we’ve compiled a shopping edit of sage green bedroom essentials – from paint and textiles to furniture. Happy decorating!

Shop the look of bedroom pieces.
1. Maeve bedside, £812.51, Satara. 2. Island breeze bedside table, £385, Painted Furniture Co. 3. Mustard Made Shorty locker in sage, £139, Rose & Grey. 4. Old Sage paint, £55 for 2.5 litres, Thorndown Paints. 5. October Mist, £85 for 3.79 litres, Benjamin Moore. 6. Sage green bed linen set, from £227, Piglet in Bed. 7. Matteo cushion, £80, Sweetpea & Willow. 8. Sage green pure linen throw, £95, Chalk Pink Linen Company. 9. Sunday Stroll paint, from £55 for 2.5 litres, Earthborn.

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