How to design a dressing room in your home

a cream walk-in wardrobe with light wood and shoes and bags hanging up inside it for a feature on how to design a dressing room

Until recently, walk-in wardrobes like Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet from Sex And The City may have seemed a little unobtainable for most of us, but they’re fast becoming a key requirement as we look to keep our sleep spaces as tranquil zones, free from over-spilling wardrobes and cluttered surfaces. 

How to design a dressing room? First, designate a room. Spare bedrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a home. They can often end up as a bit of a dumping ground for extra storage or junk. Or if you do use it as a guest bedroom, it can often sit empty for ages while you struggle for space elsewhere. So, why not make the most of your space and finally transform it into your dream dressing room?

Here’s where to start

You’ll want to think about how much hanging space you need, as well as drawers. And then do you want your clothes hidden away behind doors or out on display? The more minimalist would probably choose doors, but it’s worth considering if you’d like any display space at all. Imagine a couple open nooks with glass doors to highlight a few favourite handbags or extra-special shoes.

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a black smoked glass illuminated wardrobe with black dividers and oak wood, for a feature on how to design a dressing room
How to design a dressing room: If your spare bedroom needs to include a bed, then a run of bespoke wardrobes with luxury glass doors can give the impression of a dressing room. For example, these linear designs from Inspired Elements. LED lighting inside each storage alcove looks incredibly stylish and makes for a practical addition. While grey tinted glass takes on a see-through effect when the lights are on, becoming more tinted when they’re off. Prices start at £6,000 for a three-metre bespoke wardrobe, including fitting.

Dressing room ideas with storage

There are tons of dressing room ideas out there with clever storage. From pull-down rails (ideal if you’re little) to drawer dividers for small accessories and shoe carousels. 

a dark walnut wood bespoke brown wardrobe with shoes, bags and a silk skirt hanging up in it
How to design a dressing room: Awkward shaped spare bedrooms can still incorporate a space for a walk-in wardrobe. Simply section part of it off with a pocket sliding door as has been done in this Knightsbridge property. Where off-the-shelf storage may not work with the sloped ceiling, a bespoke design from Neatsmith ensures every inch of space is utilised. Dark oak walk-in wardrobe, from £1,000 per linear metre. Designed by Linda Elton. Photography: Charlie Brenninkmeijer.
a large walk-in wardrobe with ash white doors and dividers, featuring lots of clothes including shirts and t-shirts hanging up, for a feature on how to design a dressing room
How to design a dressing room: Creating your own organised dressing space couldn’t be easier. There are a choice of drawer pull outs, shelving and interior hanging configurations to suit your individual needs. The contemporary Textura collection, from £500, Crown Imperial.

Decide how you want the room to function

Lastly, do you want the room to purely work as a wardrobe? Or would you like to incorporate a dressing table area, where you can do your make-up in the morning? In this case, you’ll need to make sure you have some adequate lighting too. 

For example, a walk-in wardrobe will allow you the luxury of a lengthy dressing table area. Positioning it near a window ensures you have plenty of natural light for doing hair and make-up.

a built in table for getting ready at with perfume bottles and pictures on top and a big vase of flowers by a window
How to design a dressing room: You can either buy a singular dressing table, or go for a bespoke design. Bespoke means it will tie in with your wardrobe design and can be built into tricky corners or alcoves. In addition, you can ensure you have all the drawers and compartments you need. This Kensington dressing room design is from Neville Johnson and prices start from £3,000 + VAT. 

How to design a dressing room: get crafty

If you’re handy in the DIY department, you can buy all the components. Grab a pen and paper and jot down the essentials such as rails, drawers, and full storage systems. Have a look online on websites such as Häfele and Spaceslide, so you can personalise the room yourself.

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Alternatively, hiring a joiner or bespoke furniture company is a great option as they come with a wealth of experience and ideas. Plus, they can make the most of every inch of your space – ideal for rooms with a small or quirky layout. 

‘With custom-made furniture you can seamlessly install personal extras. For example, integrated full-length mirrors on the inside of doors. Bespoke cupboards for hard-to-store objects, show racks, and homes for ties, belts and bedding.’ Simon Tcherniack, senior designer at Neville Johnson

a bespoke built-in wardrobe with a mirror in the middle, dark green Shaker cabinetry and brass handles for a feature on how to design a dressing room
How to design a dressing room: If space allows, a centre island with drawers is a great way of preventing your room from feeling empty in the middle. It also provides a spot to place trinkets and anything else you may want on display. This Wentworth dressing room design is from Neville Johnson and starts from £3,000 + VAT.  

Featured image: This walk-in wardrobe with separate sides for his and her has a display unit right in the centre. Boutique Dressing RoomNeville Johnson. Fitted furniture priced from £3,000 + VAT.

Now you know how to design a dressing room, why not take a look at these amazing dressing room ideas?

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