Kids’ bedroom ideas: 8 practical essentials you need

a kids bedroom with a girl standing pointing a wand at a bed next to a storage shelf

Want to make your child’s bedroom a functional place as well as a magical one? Then you need to fill it with these 8 practical essentials.

Having kids and starting a family is both happy and stressful, as there are countless things to consider. When it comes to kids’ bedroom ideas, interior design expert Unbeatable Blinds has you covered. They’ve figured out the eight practical things that are essential to a kid’s bedroom. Get ready to make yours a practical as well as magical place.

Kids’ bedroom ideas: Colourful walls

Being a child is all about having fun, learning new things and being carefree. White walls are often too boring and plain for a kid’s bedroom. While not all kids like bright colours, they might well prefer a different option to a neutral tone. Have them choose their wall colour(s) or wallpaper and maybe even include them in the process of painting them or hanging the paper. (Get those aprons ready!)

aqua-coloured wallpaper with black and white motifs behind a desk and chair and a plant in a kids' bedroom
Muscat Lovat wallpaper, £85, Missprint.

A bed they can grow into

This one is both practical for you and important for them. Changing their bed each time your child grows out of it will hit your bank balance each time. They also tend to get attached to items, so might feel bereft each time you swap the bed. Instead, buy a bigger bed they can grow into – or, initially, a cot you can convert into a bed.

blue and white bunk beds to illustrate a feature on kids' bedroom ideas
Max Bunk Bed with Table, Sleep Centre and Blue Cushions, £599, Nöa & Nani.

Kids’ bedroom ideas: Lots of storage

Even though they’re only small, children often own tons of things. That’s why it’s essential to have as much storage space as possible in their room. This can not only help both of you keep the space tidy but will also teach them that everything they own has a place and that each item needs to be put back in their place once they’re done using it.

a pink mermaid storage organiser in a children's bedroom
Kids’ Mermaid Design Print 3-Tier Storage Organiser, £50, House and Homestyle.

A cosy rug

A rug is another must in a kids’ bedroom, both for comfort and aesthetic appeal. It will give them a comfortable place to play and carry out a lot of their activities. It will also give the room a pop of colour and a sense of completeness.

a grey treehouse bed with slide in a children's bedroom
Christopher Treehouse Midsleeper Bed in Silk Grey, £549, Nöa & Nani.

Kids’ bedroom ideas: Safe but fun blinds

Just like adults, children need their privacy and shade, but their safety is even more important. Roller blinds are safer than many other window dressings. They also come in a multitude of patterns and colours which you can choose with your child. Help them customise their room and make it their own.

a tropical roller blind featuring sloths in a children's bedroom
Sloth Tropical Children’s Roller Blinds, from £14.29, Unbeatable Blinds.

Bookshelves full of books

A bookshelf is definitely one of the most important features in any child’s room. Reading to your kids, as well as teaching them to read, is a great way to bond with them. It will give them core memories, and initiate a journey of discovery and passion. This will often continue until they’re adults.

a pink bookshelf filled with books and a frog toy on a blue wall
Mia Trough Floating Shelf in Pink, from £15, Nöa & Nani.

Kids’ bedroom ideas: a laundry basket

Teaching your kids how to take care of their clothes is important, so they can become fully functional adults. Placing a laundry basket in their room can not only help you separate your child’s delicate clothing from your own. It can also give them a routine. This involves realising a piece of clothing is dirty, putting it in the basket and changing into clean clothes.

a rattan laundry basket with a bear face on it under a white Pom Pom pendant light, next to a bench
Maya Bear Laundry Basket, £125, Ella James.

Two dustbins

Another way to teach your kids about tidiness and cleanliness is to place two bins in their room. You can then teach them about differentiating waste and recycling and separating the two. This can be a great way to introduce them to the concept of caring for the environment.

three storage bins with swans on in blue and grey
Boss Swans Storage Bins by Franck & Fischer, £57 each, Fy.

Featured image: Nidi Camelot Soft Children’s Loft Bed, £1750, Go Modern Furniture.

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