Pearl Lowe: a day in the life of a celebrity creative

Pearl Lowe

The ultra-glam celebrity Pearl Lowe is amazingly creative. She started her career as the singer in Britpop indie band Powder and has also turned her talented hand to fashion and now interiors. We asked her what a day in her life is like.

Pearl Lowe has just released a stunning interiors book called Faded Glamour by the Sea, because she has a gorgeous beach house. So we felt very lucky to be able to chat to her about a typical day in her life.

Pearl Lowe on a sofa
Pearl on an on-trend checked sofa.

A day in the life of Pearl Lowe

What time do you wake up in the morning?

Pearl Lowe: I usually wake up at around 8am.

What’s your morning routine? 

Pearl Lowe: I take my vitamins, and then I have an oat latte (I never eat breakfast, simply because I am never hungry until lunchtime!). I let my dogs Angie & Doris out for a wee. Then I brush my teeth, cleanse my face with Dr Sebagh foaming cleanser and apply Aesop Fabulous Face Oil. I get myself ready and then I drive to our local swimming pool for a swim and steam. 

a bouquet of flowers on a table
A bouquet of flowers on a table in Pearl’s garden.

We’re sure every day is different, but what might a typical work day look like for you? 

Pearl Lowe: The life of a creative means that no two days are ever the same. I am lucky to have a studio space at home. When I am working in my studio, I work with my team. Going through emails, sending off packages. Taking photos of stock. Uploading photos and designing new collections. Shooting model shots. Going through fabrics, etc. People will come in for meetings. Sometimes customers come over to try on dresses.

garden furniture
The furniture in Pearl’s garden.

Have you always wanted to live by the sea? What makes it your ideal location?

Pearl Lowe: I have always dreamt of living by the sea, but never thought I would ever own a place there. It’s also tricky moving areas when you have so many children at school. The beach where our new house is located is so quiet. Except for the sound of the seagulls and the waves. I walk the dogs there every day and sit for as long as I can, taking it all in.

Pearl Lowe with Daisy Lowe
Pearl with her model daughter Daisy.

An interview with Pearl Lowe

Congratulations on the publication of Faded Glamour by the Sea. How did the book come about?

Pearl Lowe: Thank you! We were always going to do a follow up to my first book Faded Glamour. There was talk of a “European Faded Glamour”. But then Covid hit and it made it hard for us all to travel. When we purchased our beach house, I called my publisher Cindy and mentioned the new house, and she came up with the idea of Faded Glamour by the Sea. It was a perfect opportunity to photograph the house for the book. However, it was a massive rush to get the house finished in time for the shoot.

a sofa in a living room
Pearl’s living room.

Please tell us all about the book. What kind of things will readers learn when they buy it?

Pearl Lowe: I wanted to create a unique coastal book where the reader could find original ideas. Mixing French antiques and local finds, rather than the generic blue and white ticking fabrics and bamboo furniture. I do feel as though people feel as though they should follow a certain style when decorating a beach house. I wanted to show readers that this isn’t the case. Anything goes.

Pearl Lowe's living room
A lampshade and vase in Pearl’s living room.

Pearl Lowe on the coastal interiors trend

Pearl Lowe: I’ve noticed that too! I love the tranquil feel of coastal interiors. I love the fact that you feel instantly relaxed by looking at a photo of a house by the sea. Well, I do anyway. 

a gorgeous garden
Pearl’s beautiful garden, which looks so stylish with this table with parasol.

Which three interior design rules do you live by?

Pearl Lowe: Only buy things you love. Start with a rug. And something I learnt by reading the late Robert Kime’s blog: “Listen to your gut, not someone else’s.” How many times have we listened to someone about a paint colour, knowing it wasn’t right. Only to go over it the very next day. An expensive mistake! 

pictures on a wall
Pearl has a collection of pictures on her living room wall.

Pearl Lowe on her favourite room

Which is your favourite room of your house, and why?

Pearl Lowe: I love our bedroom, it’s so light and airy and we have just put a Burlington rolltop bath in the corner. On a clear day I can sit in the bath and see the sea on the horizon. It’s heaven!

Pearl Lowe on her evenings

What do your evenings involve?

Pearl Lowe: We love a family supper. My husband and son are great cooks and my daughter Daisy and I love to bake. So our family suppers involve all six of us cooking together, listening to music, chatting. Then we all sit down and eat. On a warm evening we sit outside in the garden until it gets cold. It’s my favourite way to spend an evening.

Pearl Lowe's garden
A gorgeous bathtub full of plants in Pearl’s garden – so lush.

More about Pearl Lowe

How do you wind down for the evening?

Pearl Lowe: I love nothing more than to curl up on our comfy sofa to watch a great film or read a good book. 

What’s your bedtime routine and what time do you sleep? 

Pearl Lowe: I don’t really have a bedtime routine. I cleanse my face, and brush my teeth. Then I go to bed around 11pm every night. I’m not the best sleeper. So I take Apothem Lights Out drops every night, they work a treat.

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