Scandi bedroom ideas to create a peaceful retreat

What do you want your bedroom to feel like? A calm and peaceful retreat? Then, Scandinavian style is the perfect solution. Everything around this design philosophy feels like it can put you into a tranquil state of sleep.

So, if you are looking for Scandi bedroom ideas, you’re in the right place. You may already know what this style entails, but let’s do a little refresher. “The Scandi trend is inspired by the beautifully simple and understated Scandinavian design which is renowned for its clean lines and pared back style, all centred around functionality and use of light,” explains Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps.

Start by focusing on combining simple and neutral pieces with natural materials such as wood and rattan. “Modern flat faced furniture will bring a sense of order and calm to your bedroom, while the natural contours and texture of wooden pieces will not only add a sense of contrast to your furniture but will add depth and warmth,” says Rachal. “Keep wall colours light and neutral and floor coverings natural, making the most of natural light and helping to emit a sense of bringing the outside in, both of which play key roles in Scandi living.”

Sometimes the simplest designs are the hardest to pull off, so take your time picking and choosing the right colour palette, materials, and furniture. Juliette Thomas, director at Juliettes Interiors described Scandinavian style as “an understated aesthetic, where less is more – so every detail down to the hardware needs to be considered.”

Scandi bedroom ideas with light walls and natural wood
Palazzo hardwood in Oat Flake White Oak Oiled, from £84.99 per sq m, Quick Step.

Scandi bedroom ideas: the colour palette

The Scandinavian interior design is renowned for its minimalism, neutral colour palette, and natural textures. Light tones are key – think blonde wood, whitewashed furniture, and pops of pale greys, creams, and whites. “Colour wise, Scandi design is all about neutral bases that you can build upon,” advises Helena Davies, head of buying at Barker and Stonehouse.

“Traditionally, you’d opt for ultra clean whites and soft greys to set the mood. Modern spins on the look have embraced richer tones such as muted pastels, which do an equally good job at allowing light to flood your space,” adds Helena. “Introduce darker accents and natural looking textures, in the form of blonde woods, textured throws and sumptuous leather finishes to create a tranquil, cosy feel.”

If you want to inject a bit of colour, try the Scandi pastels trendclick here to see how you can add pops of soft blue, pinks, or purples into your bedroom.

Cosy bedroom with blankets and cushions
LeoLine Comfytex Deluxe Pro Toronto 62 cushion vinyl, from £25 per m, LeoLine.

Natural materials

In Scandi interior design, wood tones tend to be on the lighter side and are sometimes whitewashed. “Popular Nordic-inspired interiors have a strong focus on texture and light,” says Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval. “So a whitewashed finish is a great way to go with in terms of your furniture choice.”

However, don’t be restricted to a narrow colour palette, you can have darker shades, but you just need to balance them out with lighter hues. “Classic oak is also available in warmer mid-tones, which is great if you need to create balance between light and dark when using natural raw materials,” advises Simon.

As well as the wood, think of other ways of bringing in natural elements such as ample sunlight, house plants, and tactile materials.

neutral bedding set in calming bedroom
Stone Gauze bedding set, £45, Vantona.

Hygge-inspired bedroom

In terms of soft furnishings and finishing touches, picture marshmallow textures. Hygge is the Danish term which describes a mood of ultimate cosiness. It can also relate to calmness and being out of the daily rush of life.

Keeping the space tidy and organised aids in creating a restful environment. ‘Less is more’ is the philosophy of both minimalism and Scandi design. Less clutter can help with sleep, suggests James Mellan-Matulewicz, creative director at Bobbi Beck. “As an aid to sleep, a Scandi bedroom can prove to be very helpful,” says James. “The minimalist style promotes a calming environment — minimal clutter and elements of hygge can help an individual sleep easier.”

Sometimes it is about hiding or making mess easier to tidy up. Wardrobes, sideboards or chest of drawers with enough space to clear away the clutter is a must, making the bedroom a comfy space to relax.

Ottoman bed for neutral Scandi bedroom ideas
Eden ottoman bed, from £849, Oak Furnitureland.

More Scandi bedroom ideas…

Rug at the end of the bed in a light bedroom
Grace rug in Fossil Grey, from £53, Pappelina.
Simple bedroom with mountain mural wallpaper
Arla wallpaper mural, £29 per sq m, Bobbi Beck.
Masculine bedroom design with greys and darker woods
Duvet cover set NELL sateen, from £74.99, JYSK.
Simple bedroom with built-in furniture and large bed and headboard
Mayfair Bullas bedroom furniture, £3500, Daval.
Scandi bedroom ideas: Large bed in a simple neural bedroom
Dorsoo Elegance bed frame headboard, £1800, Back in Action.

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