Silk bedding ideas, benefits and maintenance tips

Sumptuous, soft and supple, silk bed linen is the ideal choice for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Apart from feeling luxurious, silk bedding has many other benefits – from being hypoallergenic and thermoregulating to protecting your hair and skin.

So, if you suffer from skin conditions or overheat during the night, this type of bed linen could be the perfect solution.

white bed linen on neutral bed
Lanham silk tailored pillowcase, £65, Sheridan.

The latest silk throws, sheets and pillowcases are available in soft pastel shades, crips whites and creams, as well as darker hues such as navy and grey for a moody look.

modern bedroom with exposed concrete on walls, floors and ceiling with blue bed and grey throw
Silk bedspread throw in Steel, £229, Heal’s.
standard pillowcase in off-white colour
Champagne pure mulberry silk standard pillowcase pair, £60, Soak & Sleep.

Recently, British silk specialist Gingerlily has unveiled Summerhill Blue, its 100% pure long-strand mulberry-silk bedding collection. Dipped in a rich shade of blue, the range includes duvet covers, pillowcases plus flat and fitted sheets, featuring trims and borders in the brand’s creamy ivory shade for a sophisticated look. The new colourway is perfect for evoking an energising feeling in your bedroom.

What are the benefits of silk bedding?

We’ve asked Gingerlily’s founder Deborah Fiddy to share the main benefits of silk bedding…

“Silk duvets and pillows are resistant to dust mites, making them hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and hygienic to sleep on. Combine them with silk bedding and you can create a natural cocoon to ensure the perfect night’s sleep,” explains Deborah.

soft silk throw in a teal colour
Windsor silk bedspread in Teal, from £520.80, Sweetpea & Willow.

“The material also acts as a natural heat conductor and a further benefit is the high protein content found within silk, which helps to keep your hair smooth and your skin so – making it the ideal choice for anyone with allergies or skin conditions such as eczema. Plus, it’s irresistibly comfortable and it looks and feels incredibly luxurious,” she says.

silk pillowcase in champagne colour
Oxford Champagne pure silk pillowcase 25 Momme, £105, Mayfairsilk.
silk linen bundle
Mulberry silk complete bundle, from £1113.48 for a double, Belledorm.

Silk maintenance tips:

Silk is a sophisticated material that needs special care and attention. Here’s how you should look after your silk bedding in order to make it last and ensure it remains soft to the touch. “For laundering, we recommend that you use a specialist silk or a delicate liquid detergent,” says Deborah. “Make sure you always air or line dry, followed by a cool iron in order to restore the sheen of the silk and help maintain its natural suppleness.”

Cream and pink pillowcases with ribbons
Oyster Pink Astraea silk pillowcase, £75, Mille Saisons.

Featured image: Lanham silk pillowcase in Midnight, Champagne, Shell and Snow, £65 each, Sheridan.

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