Faye Winter interview: a day in the life

Faye Winter interview

When we were offered a Faye Winter interview, we jumped at the chance. Faye is a Love Island finalist who now works in interiors and creates stylish and beautiful homes.

Preparing for my Faye Winter interview was interesting. Faye was an estate agent before reaching the final of Love Island, and has now gone back into property. Her interiors style is neutral, beautiful and chic, so I was keen to ask her questions about decor. And, of course, I also asked for her best renovation tips.

Faye Winter interview
Faye Winter, Campaign Star for Guide Dogs UK and Property Enthusiast (@faye__home). Photography: Gavin Glave.

Faye Winter interview: what time do you wake up in the morning?

“So it depends when our new baby puppy Bonnie gets us up – anywhere between six and seven. So I get up, normally leave Teddy in bed and go straight out to the garden until she’s done her business. And then at eight, I take her back and make sure she goes back to sleep. I say, ‘No, you’re not getting up at this time. We’re not getting used to getting up at this time.’ And then Teddy normally wakes up between eight and half past. And then Bonnie gets her breakfast and she goes out again. I make me and Teddy cups of tea. He’s on the green tea and I just have normal English tea with two sugars. Then we both get ready for the day – well, all three of us get ready for the day!”

a neutral living room
Faye’s gorgeously neutral Scandi-style living room. Photography: @faye__home

Faye Winter interview

Faye Winter interview: What do you do next?

“I normally write a To Do list of what I’ve got to do. It normally includes loads of housework. I think only really people that have puppies – or newborn babies, but the thing is, newborn babies can’t move around too much. So the house will be messy, but with a puppy it just literally turns to mess. So normally Teddy will go to the gym. I do not. I also don’t eat till 12, so I need to make sure my morning is busy. So I can take my mind off having any kind of snack and then we do our housework. So I normally walk the Hoover through. I’ve got my sister’s cats here as well at the moment, so I sort them out.

“So by the time I’ve sorted out the smallholding, it’s normally time for me to have some food. And I normally go for either an omelette, or I do love a pancake. Any type of pancake – they can be shop bought or they can be homemade. I don’t mind, as long as they’re sweet. Then I start work.

“So then in the afternoon we get on with our content, if we’ve got anything to do. A lot of the time we’ve got to go to London. I walk Bonnie as well as doing our content. And we’ve still got a lot to do to the house. So trying to find rooms to fill is actually more difficult than you might think.”

a dog called Bonnie
Bonnie the dog on Faye’s oatmeal living room sofa. Photography: @faye__home

Faye Winter interview

the star wearing a blue dress
Faye Winter, Campaign Star for Guide Dogs UK and Property Enthusiast (@faye__home). Photography: Gavin Glave.

How would you describe your interiors style?

“Yeah, I would say beige. Right? Like, I am very beige. I like neutrals, and to be cosy. And I do like to try and keep it as minimalist as possible. But I always use throws and stuff. I don’t like clutter. So I declutter, unlike Teddy. I am the worst person to keep on at him all the time for it because he loves to not put things away. Not the ironing board for example. He’s like, ‘Yeah, well I’ll need to iron something tomorrow” and I’m like “Just put it away!” I can’t stand the clutter.”

Faye Winter interview

Do you have three interior design rules that you live by?

“Yes, so I always say with my interior design, make sure it’s fluffy. Make sure it’s clean. And also make sure you’ve got statement pieces. So, for example, our sofa is very different to anyone else’s. We made sure we got it curved, and it’s a stunning sofa. We got it built down in Exeter, where I’m from. I love to make sure I’ve got statement pieces but also things being cosy, and I just love neutrals. It’s really bad because I don’t have any colour in our house. Not even duck egg blue plates. I don’t have any kind of colour.”

Faye Winter interview
Faye says her home is “very beige”. Photography: @faye__home

Faye Winter interview

Wow, that’s amazing. So you must have done a lot of renovations as part of your business. Would you have three tips for readers about to start their renovation journey?

“Yeah, I would always say, make sure you do your research into who you can trust as contractors. Because there are so many contractors out there that it’s always good if you can try and go for a family run firm. Make sure you plan and budget properly as well. And make sure you paint everything white before you paint any other colour. It’s always my top tip. Whenever I moved into anywhere before I started I just painted everywhere pure white. It just gives you a really crisp clean blank canvas to start with.”

Faye Winter interview

Faye Winter interview: So which is your favourite room of your house and why?

“Oh, I would say my living room is my favourite room ever. Because we’ve got an amazing fireplace and it’s so cosy. It’s just a really bright but cosy room. My next favourite is probably our entrance right because I love our staircase, our staircase really sold us the property. Then I would say our our second bedroom, so our guest bedroom. I love our guest bedroom. It’s like really minimalist, quite boho chic and really calming.”

Faye Winter interview
Faye’s calming interiors aesthetic. Photography: @faye__home

Faye Winter interview

Faye Winter interview: So what do your evenings involve?

“Our evenings usually consist of takeaway food – we are quite bad. It depends on if we’ve been working in the day – we tend to pick up a takeaway on the way home. So that could be sushi, or we’ve got an amazing Chinese. Alternatively, I cook. So me and Teddy always cook and we eat in the dining room together every night. And then we normally put on Vampire Diaries because we are obsessed with it, and put the fire on. And then we go to bed. We let Bonnie sleep until she wakes up then she needs the toilet and then we go to bed. So that can normally be between 9pm and 10pm that we go up to bed. Then Teddy plays Playstation and I fall asleep. It’s great.”

Faye Winter interview

Faye Winter interview
Faye Winter, Campaign Star for Guide Dogs UK and Property Enthusiast (@faye__home). Photography: Gavin Glave.

And do you have a bedtime routine? What time do you sleep?

“I like to be asleep by half past ten. And my night time routine is always a green tea. Before bed, I take Bonnie out to the garden with my green tea. I love to be out in the cold, but with my warm tea. It’s something that I’m obsessed with. And then go upstairs, take my makeup off, have a shower, get into my pyjamas and then get into bed. I’m quite bad because I let Bonnie get on the bed but she’s now got her bed beside her. So I normally lie with her on the floor for a couple of minutes and just talk to her about how grateful I am that I’ve got her in my life.”

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