Clever cabinet interiors and doors for a super-organised kitchen

The secret to keeping your kitchen organised is hidden behind closed doors – literally. Say hello to clever storage solutions from Hettich: design features set to make your space work harder for you.

Do you wish your kitchen was more organised? Or that your worktop was clear of clutter? Then look inside your cabinetry. With the help from clever cabinet interiors and bi-fold door fronts, you can make better use of your kitchen and free up your work surfaces.

From practical larders with illuminated drawers to sleek, hidden kitchens, we look at the latest furniture innovations from Hettich, set to elevate your storage…

Clever cabinet interiors

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find what you were searching for through your kitchen drawers or cupboards thanks to LightTower – the newest launch from furniture fittings brand Hettich.

This practical and flexible storage concept is comprised of five spacious drawers, which instantly illuminate the inside of your drawer when you open them.

The versatile drawers can be easily installed within any tall kitchen cabinet – new or existing. And the best bit? They don’t need to be connected to your mains.

Dark furniture featuring clever larder from Hettich
The new LightTower larder concept from Hettich is available from March. Use promotion code TTRW50 to purchase yours at

Using the AvanTech YOU platform drawer system, LightTower features hassle-free no-connection illumination. The lighting is simply clipped on the side profiles. All it needs is a rechargeable battery pack that easily adheres to the rear panel of the drawers. Sorted!

Available in a choice of widths, from 30cm to 120cm, to suit any kitchen, the drawers also feature a smooth opening and closing system.

Ways to use your LightTower

– As a breakfast cupboard, where you can store your cereals, breads, teas and coffees – perfect for that first meal of the day.
– Hide away small countertop appliances, from mixers and blenders to weighing scales, to free up worktop space.
– Place it near your appliances to keep all your dried goods, herbs and spices for a seamless cooking experience.

Illuminated drawers for clever cabinet interiors
The new LightTower larder concept from Hettich is available from March. Use promotion code TTRW50 to purchase yours at

More clever storage ideas

Want some other practical ideas to boost your storage? Enter: bi-fold cabinet doors.

The WingLine S solution from Hettich works well on wall-mounted units, providing a modern alternative to the classic door fronts.

Having the doors open to one side, you can create an easy-access open-shelving design – perfect for grabbing spices or utensils quickly when cooking.

Kitchen cabinetry with bi-fold doors
Create a multi-functional kitchen using the WingLine S door fronts from Hettich.

Why not hide everything away?

Bi-folds are also a great design trick if you want to make more than just your clutter disappear. So, the Wing 77 solution from Hettich is ideal for achieving that sleek, hidden kitchen look with the simple slide of a door.

These doors are free moving and interlinked to easily fold to one side when the kitchen is in use, or close back up and keep any cooking mess (bye, dirty dishes) and bulky appliances out of sight.

Handleless kitchen with bi-fold doors
Put your kitchen on display with Wing 77 bi-fold doors from Hettich.
Hidden kitchen using Hettich bi-fold doors
Or why not get that hidden kitchen look?

So, are you ready to upgrade your kitchen storage?

The new LightTower larder from Hettich, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture fittings, is available from March. Use promotion code TTRW50 to purchase your LightTower at

Created in partnership with Hettich.

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