Chef present ideas: 40 clever and stylish gifts

With shows and movies about chefs on the rise – like Boiling Point, The Bear, The Menu and endless seasons of Masterchef – cooking and baking has never been a more popular craft. Right? Yes, chef!

Gifts for aspiring chefs can be tricky to buy for. But luckily for you, we have 40 present ideas to spoil the budding chef in your life this Christmas. You can select a big-ticket item such as a luxurious pan set or a handy countertop appliance. Or why not choose a range of smaller gifts and create a festive box of presents? Make sure to also throw in some delicious treats and snacks.

What would a chef like as a gift?

Now, the easiest way to decide what to buy a chef is to check out the dishes they like to make. Then, find ways to upgrade their current equipment or give them something different so they can try out a new technique or recipe.

Sous vide cookers and cast iron casserole dishes are at the top of most chefs’ wishlists and, if you’re feeling flush, they will be gratefully received. Cook books are always a great idea or go for smaller accessories and tools – think pretty decanters, new oven gloves, or patterned aprons.

It’s time to dive into these lovely present ideas for your favourite chef. Ready, steady, cook!

Fancy decanters

Help elevate a chef’s kitchen by investing in bottles and containers that not only look stylish but are super practical, too. Create a gift bundle with a fancy decanter and some Italian olive oil or snazzy salt.

chef present ideas decanters and salt and pepper shakers
1. World of Flavours oil and vinegar dispenser, £13.99, KitchenCraft. 2. Oil and vinegar bottle, £13, Funky Chunky Furniture Co. 3. Traditional porcelain olive oil and vinegar bottles, £13.95, WM Bartleet & Sons. 4. Personalised ceramic oil pourer, £50, Habulous. 5. Rechargeable pepper mill and spice grinder, £69.95, FinaMill. 6. Salt and pepper marble pot set, £42, The Find Store.

Sharp as a knife

Any chef worth their salt needs a sophisticated set of knives in the kitchen. And a knife sharpening tool is another chef’s essential. Knife sets in wooden blocks or leather pouches are another handy addition to the kitchen.

Knife gift ideas
1. Kyukyoku knife set, £1,280, Tog Knives. 2. 15-piece Japanese chef knife set, £66.38, Hobo Store. 3. Elevate fusion 5-piece knife set, £120, Joseph Joseph. 4. Professional chef knife 8-inch, £49.99, Koi Artisan Store. 5. Chef knife, £23.19, Paudin. 6. Professional Japanese chefs kitchen knife, £99.81, Hajegato.

Casserole dishes

A good cast iron casserole dish will last decades and is universally loved by chefs. Here’s an excellent range of blue and green cast iron dishes to inspire a serene feeling. Alternatively opt for any vibrant or neutral colour, depending on what the chef in your life prefers…

Casserole dishes made from cast iron
1. Signature enamelled cast iron La Marmite casserole, £252, Le Creuset. 2. Cast iron round casserole, £59.50, Denby. 3. Casserole dish 25cm non-stick induction cast iron, £155, Tefal. 4. Cast iron pot with lid, £39.99, Nuovva.

Chef present ideas: Enamel and ceramic pots

From traditional ceramic to enamelled glazed pots, casserole dishes have risen in popularity over the last few years. And what’s not to love? They look stylish while being incredibly practica,l too.

Casserole dishes made from enamel and ceramic
1. Simo glaze casserole dish with lid, £26.99, Vancasso. 2. HLONGG Kitchen stoneware cooking pot tureen soup casserole, £32.68, Yedaoiu. 3. Dutch heritage round German enamelled casserole, £91.19, BK Indigo.

More chef present ideas

Pretty pan sets

I love having a lot of pans as like shoes you can never have too many. Luxe pan sets are not just for beginners, but for anyone who wants to take their cooking skills to the next level. Pro pans are on the pricier side, but are durable and will last for a long time.

Chef present ideas pots and pans
1. Soho cookware set three-piece in blue, £149, ProCook. 2. Copenhagen three-piece set, £255, GreenPan. 3. 6-piece pots and pans set, £220, Tefal. 4. Easy pro pan set, £199.95, Kuhn Rikon.

Fun oven gloves

A beautiful oven glove, a must-have in any kitchen, makes the perfect gift for chefs or anyone who loves cooking.

Stylish oven gloves
1. British-designed oven gloves, £7.28, Cooksmart. 2. Lamson strawberry thief oven glove, £11.99, Wayfair. 3. Double oven gloves rainbow cut, £31, Maison Elhoria. 4. Bees linen double oven glove, £31, Sophie Allport. 5. Dearle seaweed pattern double oven glove, £17, V&A. 6. Blue Italian double oven glove, £12.50, Portmeirion. 7. Etoile double oven glove, £19, Walton & Co.

Aprons for messy (and stylish) chefs

According to the Pixar film Ratatouille, the mark of a true chef is a messy apron and clean sleeves. So why not gift the chef in your life a colourful apron? Our picks are so pretty they’ll never want them to get messy.

Cute aprons
1. Liberty in full bloom apron, £28, Claire Louise. 2. Messy apron in terracotta, £29, Loaf. 3. Cotton canvas aprons, £17.99, Lat Lee and Town. 4. Gardening apron in Morning Glory, £32.99, Perkins & Morley. 5. Risdon & Risdon trade brown leather trim apron, £175, Sir Gordon Bennett.

Chef present ideas: Everyday appliances

Sous vide cookers – or water ovens – are all the rage at the moment and increasingly common even in an amateur’s kitchen. Other great handy gifts to consider are colourful mixers and multi-functional blenders.

Chef present ideas small appliances
1. Sous vide cooker, £57.79, Vpcok Direct. 2. ISV-100W sous vide WiFi cooker, £79.04, Inkbird. 3. K400 blender in Colour of the Year 2023 Hibiscus, £329, KitchenAid. 4. MultiPro Go, £47.49, Kenwood. 5. MultiQuick 5 blender, £49.99, Braun.

While this article contains affiliate links, by which we earn a commission, we make sure to only pick products that we love.

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