Food shop got bigger? Bulk buying? You’ll need a large fridge-freezer

I don’t know about you, but my bulk buying has exploded in this last year. Batch cooking has also increased exponentially (thanks to all the pureeing for my one-year-old). So, my tiny half freezer tucked away in the utility room is completely full to the brim. I have to get everything out of the drawers just to find one thing. Then putting everything back is like a game of Tetris. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to get a new, large fridge-freezer.

But first, there’s a few things to consider. There are many designs on the market, from the freestanding American-style to the four-door French-style design. Or, why not pair a built-in tall fridge and freezer side by side for a more streamlined look. But where will I put it? I hear you ask. Don’t despair: start with the size and work the rest of your kitchen design around it.

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Also, when considering which large fridge-freezer to choose, think about your shopping habits. Do you buy more fresh food and want to make it last longer? Or are you a batch cooker, like me? Interestingly, if you’re a bit of both, some of the larger designs on the market offer great flexibility and allow you to switch between fridge and freezer functions.

Before you take the plunge, here are a few buying tips: Make sure the apppliance’s insides work for you. Can the racks and shelves be easily changed to accommodate what you store? Are the freezer drawers sturdy, easy to pull out and transparent for good visibility? If you want to chill large platters of food, look out for wider, shallower models to give you that flexibility, and remember to decide whether you prefer left or right-hinged doors.

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Also, freestanding designs are the easiest to install, but may need to be plumbed in if they have a water dispenser or ice maker. If you are retrofitting a large fridge-freezer in between cabinets, you’ll need around 5cm at the back and above to allow air to circulate.

For more buying tips, check out this article written by Kitchen Bedroom & Bathrooms’s Hannah. Find below some of the latest models on the market that we think are worth checking out…

large fridge-freezer
Available as a 75cm or 90cm model, Bertazzoni‘s impressive fridge, £8999, has two crisper drawers and three storage compartments. Designed for maximum flexibility, you can switch the bottom zone between freezer and fridge with one touch, and an integrated water filter also supplies ice.
Key features: Energy class A+, 355 to 456-litre capacity
AEG freestanding
The RKB738E5MB freestanding fridge, £749, from AEG, includes a specialised chill drawer that maintains a lower temperature to help preserve food for longer, along with a quick- opening door system that pushes the door open as the handle is pressed.
Key features: Energy rating A++, 404-litre capacity.
large fridge-freezer
This freestanding SH8 1Q GRFD UK 1 fridge from Hotpoint, £409, boasts generous proportions. It offers a precision temperature control to help preserve the flavours in fresh food for longer and has five adjustable balconies, bottle separators and a dedicated dairy compartment.
Key features: Energy rating A+, 366-litre capacity.
Montpellier M520WDK
Montpellier‘s M520WDK side- by-side fridge-freezer, £740, includes a non-plumbed water dispenser, tall bottle door shelves, electronic controls, and LED lighting. It is available in black, silver and Inox finishes and also has a handy child lock.
Key features: Energy rating A+, 335-litre capacity fridge and 175-litre capacity freezer.
large fridge-freezer
Miele’s K 2802 Vi MasterCool fridge, £7749, keeps food fresh for up to
five times longer by combining the optimum temperature and humidity. It is ideal for flush integration, as the door opens with a light push on the facia, activating a pin that gently pops the door ajar. If you prefer a handle, the appliance can extend the pin so you can open the door. Key features: Energy rating A++, 416-litre capacity.
Sub Zero ICBBI-36FI
Including five adjustable door shelves, the professional-style ICBBI-36FI freezer from Sub Zero, £9,950, also offers an automatic ice-maker with a Max Ice setting, to increase the output by 40% for 24 hours. Plus, it has a water filtration system and excellent visibility thanks to bright, LED lights.
Key features: Energy rating A+, 612-litre capacity.
large fridge-freezer
This HHSBSO 6174XWDK American-style fridge-freezer, £686, from Hoover, can store more than 20 bags of shopping. It comes with a water dispenser, four adjustable fridge shelves, two large salad crispers, and four versatile door balconies to offer a range of storage options. The freezer also comes with six easy-access shelves.
Key features: A++ energy rating, 344-litre capacity fridge, 177-litre capacity freezer.
CDA's FF820
CDA’s FF820 freezer, £533, has handy fast freeze and superfreeze settings. Seven compartments, two in-door racks and an ice cube area with a twist ice cube maker offer plenty of storage. It is paired with the FF880 fridge, £491 and FWC 860bl wine storage unit, £980.
Key features: Energy rating A++, 260-litre capacity.
large fridge-freezer
Featured image: Caple’s RiF1796 in-column integrated freezer, £879, can be easily hidden behind cabinets. It has a reversible door with a handy sliding installation, as well as LED strip lights and a super- freeze function, as well as a twist ice cube maker, six drawers, and two flip-down door compartments.
“Some large designs allow you to swtich between fridge and freezer functions.” Key features: Energy rating A+, 197-litre capacity.

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