Electric fire guide: everything you need to know

an electric fire

They’re cosy, look amazing and don’t give off smoke and pollute the air. You don’t need fuel for them either. So here’s everything you need to know about electric fires.

We jumped at the chance of putting together an electric fire guide. An ideal option for adding a cosy feel to contemporary homes, electric fires are easy to use, provide instant heat and add immediate atmosphere to any living space. Whether you need a simpler solution to heating or are not able to install a traditional wood burning or multi fuel stove, Jon Butterworth, Director at Arada, provides his expert insight on electric fires here.

a set of brown suede dining chairs around a round white dining table in a large living room with a black lamp above them
Firstly, here’s the Dining 150 stove, Arada.

Electric fire guide: heat output

“Electric fires have adjustable thermostats meaning homeowners can tailor the fire depending on their needs,” says Jon. “Our Ellere electric fire provides plenty of heat with a 1400-1600kW output. That’s enough to comfortably heat a large room. You can control and manage it with a 24hr programmable timer.”

a dog asleep in front of an electric fire in a large living room
Electric fire guide: secondly, here’s the PR900E and Edgbaston Wall Fireplace, £1050, ACR Stoves.

They’re straightforward to install

“Unlike a wood burning, multi fuel or gas stove, electric fires don’t need a chimney or flue for installation. So you can often install them faster without the need to meet stricter safety requirements. The fire simply needs a plinth into which you can recess the fire – TV media walls tend to work perfectly for this – and an electricity source to operate.”

a large TV mounted on top of an electric fire in a large living room
Electric fire guide: thirdly, we have the Ellere Electric Fire, Arada.

Different size variations

“Modern electric fires are available in a number of sizes and dimensions, therefore allowing total flexibility for every living space. The Ellere is available in four sizes with 3 built-in fitting options – with the smallest being 1000mm to largest at 1800mm. Homeowners can also choose between 1-sided, 2-sided or 3-sided fitting options. So you can decide which view of the fire you’d like before you install it.”

two yellow and grey tub chairs in a large living room with a media wall
Electric fire guide: then there’s the Ellere electric fire E, Arada.

Electric fire guide: Multiple settings to choose from

“Unlike multi fuel, wood burning or gas stoves, electric fires offer an array of setting variations. They therefore allow you to create the exact ambience you want, whenever you want. With 144 options to choose from, the Ellere has easily adjustable brightness, flame height, flame speed and colour effects. Stunning visual appeal at the touch of a button.”

a black stove with logs underneath it beneath a wooden mantelpiece
Electric fire guide: next up is the 1900W Panoramic Stove Heater, VonHaus.

Extremely low maintenance

“Electric fires need very little upkeep and maintenance as they run solely on electricity, so there is no wood or fuel residue to clear up. Due to the design of the Ellere electric fire, and depending on how much glass is on show, the glass simply needs occasional cleaning or dusting.”

an electric fire under a flatscreen TV in a large living room with black walls
Electric fire guide: lastly, we have the Green Velvet 180 electric fire, Arada.

Featured image: PR1200E and Brindley Floor Fireplace 1, £1660, ACR Stoves.

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