How to find the right kitchen company for your project

It’s one of the key aspects of planning a kitchen project (and may seem obvious!), but how do you find the right kitchen company for your project? I’ve said it before and at the danger of sounding like a broken record, I really believe a successful kitchen renovation lies in the planning. I know, I know…you want to get on and choose the fun stuff but bear with me. Find the right kitchen company and the right designer and the whole process of planning and executing your kitchen will be easier.

I reckon spending a bit of time researching kitchen companies in your area and visiting as many as possible to get a feel for the type of designs they offer (and at what costs), plus speaking to the designers there to see if they ‘get’ what you’re trying to achieve (or can offer good ideas) is invaluable. It will delay your project start, I admit, but it’s all part of the process and definitely not a step to skip.

So if you’re in the market for a kitchen – here are my tips to finding the right kitchen company to work on your project…

Start early

Yep, told you timing was key (and yes, broken record!). For a successful and functional project, the earlier you can involve a kitchen designer the better, whether it’s a new addition or refurbishment.

It prevents them from being constrained by the existing floor plan or an architect’s final drawings where there’s little room for manoeuvre beyond aesthetics.

Think about your budget

Obviously budget will play a huge part in determining where to go, but many companies will be transparent about their starting prices to give you an indicator of whether they’ll fit your limits. If you’ve spotted a company in a magazine, you’ll likely see the starting price listed, or simply give the retailer a buzz and ask.

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Go local and ask for recommendations

Before drafting your shortlist of brands to approach, ask friends and family for recommendations, as often smaller, local firms might get missed.

In addition, check out our own Close to Home initiative (shameless plug), where you can find local kitchen specialists by searching the online directory.

Ask if you like the style

You should consider is whether you like the look of the furniture itself and the build quality of what a kitchen company offers. From there, ensure you find out whether the furniture has a guarantee, if the company can work within your desired timescale, and whether the designer really listens to what you want and what you absolutely must have.

A talented designer can help guide you through the process of planning your layout and choosing which style and combination of cabinets is right for you, making sure that your kitchen meets your every need.

Want something specific?

Finding the right kitchen company for your project means finding a designer there who listens to what you say and can offer ideas specific to your space and how you live. So if you’re thinking you want a spot for your pooch, or need a place to display your crockery collection, they should offer options and work with you to create the perfect solution.

Manufacturers that build your kitchen to order will be more able to respond to your individual requests if you have a particular look you’d like to achieve. A designer’s level of experience is also very important if you want a unique customised scheme or are very specific about your requirements.

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It’s also vital if you have an unusually shaped room, or need to match your new kitchen with existing furniture, fittings and décor.

Ask the designer about their work

When you’re on a mission to find the right kitchen company, go armed with some questions. It’s important you feel good about the company and designer you work with and that you can build a good rapport. Ask to see previous projects and about their previous experience, but the best way to really know if they’re the right company for you is to visit a home installation in the flesh if possible.

Know about after sales

Also don’t forget to ask about aftercare: a reputable brand will have long-term customer service. Once you’ve obtained a quote from each of your shortlisted brands, check what’s included in the cost and whether the company will oversee the entire project.

Know your time frame

Don’t forget to ask about lead times as these can vary greatly. Then, obviously, think about your project scale and when you’d need the kitchen to be delivered ideally.

Expect a medium-sized renovation to take six to eight weeks, or 10 to 12 if there’s structural work involved. This needs to be taken into account when buying cabinetry. Generally it’s about six to eight weeks for units but bespoke designs often take up to 12 weeks to be delivered.

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