Freestanding kitchen islands: get the look with these practical ideas

Freestanding kitchen islands

An island is often top of renovators’ wishlists. Hands up, is it on yours, too? Well, I’m right there with you. But if you’re tight on space or want to go the opposite route of a classic design, then say hello to freestanding furniture.  

Freestanding kitchen islands are a very practical alternative to the classic designs we all know and love. These designs are usually mounted on legs that support the unit, so they resemble freestanding furniture.

Freestanding kitchen islands are multi-functional, too. Many designs offer plenty of storage space and wine racks for your favourite bottles. Plus, you get worktop space and the ideal spot for a couple of bar stools so you can dine in style.

“Offering 360˚ access to worktops, featured appliances and furniture, a central kitchen island concept will create an ergonomic kitchen space that is naturally low maintenance and easy to navigate,” says Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt

Freestanding kitchen islands

Freestanding kitchen islands come in many sizes. So you can rest assured that whether you have a compact kitchen in a flat or a large space in a new build, you can find a design that works for you. 

Now, when it comes to style, you can opt for a rustic wooden freestanding island to get that country-style look. Pair it with dark or veiny worktops for a dash of luxury, and aged brass handles to complete the look. If you are the star baker of the family, then you can invest in a marble worktop, which is perfect for kneading dough.

Want to make a statement? Then, why not choose a colourful design painted in a bold shade to introduce a splash of personality?

Some box islands come with shelves protected by door fronts, or you can go for a design with open shelving and just a couple of drawers. This way, you can display pretty crockery and your go-to cookbooks.

You can also apply hooks on the side of the island to keep tea towels on hand. What’s more, a great way to have everything you need close by when cooking is to store utensils and spices in the built-in drawers.

To get you inspired and show you what’s out there, I’ve rounded up some pretty and practical freestanding kitchen islands…

Rustic island
Eaton freestanding kitchen island, £1295, Cox & Cox.
Freestanding kitchen islands
Tavole collection, LochAnna Kitchens. From £11,200.
Freestanding kitchen islands
Heritage kitchen by Mowlem & Co. From £30,000.
Colourful kitchendesign
Bespoke Drew Forsyth kitchen. From £30,000 for a complete kitchen.
Freestanding kitchen islands
Mereway’s Aura Kitchens Farrow range. From £9324.
Marble worktop
Terra Bianca Satinato marble on a freestanding kitchen island, priced from £550 per sq m, Cullifords
Freestanding kitchen islands
Marlborough table island painted in Mulberry. Masterclass Kitchens start from £12,000.
Freestanding kitchen islands
Hampton Court kitchen, Naked Kitchens. From £20,000.

Portable designs

Freestanding kitchen islands are usually easy to move depending on their size – and they even come on wheels. So you can move them out of the way when they’re not in use.

“If you want to control the flow of your kitchen and avoid potential obstacles, then you could opt for a freestanding island design that, when moved, will allow free passage around the entire kitchen without impeding you or the available floor space,” suggests Julia Steadman, commercial director at Brandt Design.

If you go for a portable design, you can transform your freestanding island into a home bar when entertaining. So. simply pop yours near your dining area to top up your guests’ drinks.

“Not only will the cook have plenty of room to manoeuvre but if you need more space in the kitchen, a semi-portable island unit will work around you and your guests, able to be moved to a more discreet location until it’s called upon once more,” explains Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval Furniture.

Portable design
Cook’s Companion designed by Sophie Conran, from £1600, Harvey Jones.
Kitchen trolley
White kitchen trolley, £159.99, VonHaus.

In conclusion, if you are looking to make your space more multi-functional, a freestanding kitchen island is a great choice. Plus they make for a stylish focal point, too.

Do you have enough space for a kitchen island? Find out here.

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