Get your bathroom guest-ready with these handy tips

three images of a fancy bathroom with freestanding bath and brass shower with marble tiles to illustrate how to get your guest bathroom ready

So, the festive season is over and the new year has well and truly begun. But if you had guests to stay at Christmas, maybe you wish your bathrooms had been more impressive. Well, no worries: with our handy tips, you can have the fanciest bathroom next time you have people to stay.

So here are six top tips on how to get your bathroom guest-ready. Because when it comes to powder rooms, there’s nothing we love quite as much as a stylish and luxurious boutique bathroom. One which sparkles and shines as soon as you switch on the light.  

To help you create the ultimate spa-like experience for your guests, James Roberts, Director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, has revealed his top tips. He’s identified six quick and easy jobs that will get your bathroom gleaming and give it that luxury hotel feel. Your guests won’t want to leave!  

a luxe marble bathroom with two copper mirrors above a double vanity unit with two sinks and brass taps
Get your bathroom guest-ready: Photography: Unsplash / @mackiec.

1. Let your tiles be the star of the show

When cleaned up properly, your tiles can really sparkle and create the perfect backdrop for your bathroom. Start by wiping your tiles with your preferred bathroom detergent. Alternatively, use white vinegar diluted with water and a little dish soap if you’re short on time or prefer to create your own cleaning solutions.  

You’ll then need to get to work on cleaning up any mould in the bathroom. Caused by a build-up of moisture on the surface, mould is a common problem in the bathroom. This is because it is often a damp and humid environment and grout is particularly susceptible to mould. Mixing white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together can help to tackle mould as they are all mild abrasives.   

Work in small sections using a tough-bristled toothbrush to really work your cleaner into the grout. Leave it for 30 minutes to develop, then rinse as necessary and dry the surface. Your tiles will look good as new! 

vertical rectangular gloss tiles behind a black lamp and a tall white vase
Get your bathroom guest-ready: Ca’ Pietra Santorini Gloss Ceramic Tiles, £71.52 per 1.2 sq m, Sanctuary Bathrooms.

2. Get your bathroom guest-ready: Spruce up your towels

Nothing says hotel bathroom quite like stepping out of the shower into a soft, fluffy towel and your guests deserve nothing less. Despite feeling super soft when you first buy them, after a couple of washes towels can feel stiff and may also start losing their colour.  

The first thing to consider is the temperature – always wash towels at 40C to maintain good hygiene. Also try to use a biological detergent to break down any dead skin cells.  

five lime green towels ready on a guest bathroom stool
Get your bathroom guest-ready: Photography: Unsplash / Denny Muller. 

You might turn to fabric softener for towels, however, less is more! Too much of this can actually make them rough, and more tired-looking. Alternatively, try replacing your fabric softener with a cup of vinegar to strip away the build-up detergent and retore the towel’s softness.  

3. Get your bathroom guest-ready: Add statement fittings or fixtures 

Let’s face it, sometimes our bathrooms can start to look a little worse for wear after time. But often it’s the smaller details that can really help to transform the room and bring a new lease of life. 

If you’re looking for some quick fixes, consider adding a lick of paint. Alternatively, change up your accessories by adding new fixtures and fittings, such as taps, shower fittings or mirrors. Adding a few simple statement pieces can really change the dynamic of a bathroom and is sure to impress guests. 

a marble bathroom with green, blue and white hexagonal floor tiles, a black double vanity unit with two basins and taps and an illuminated rectangular mirror
Get your bathroom guest-ready: Roper Rhodes System LED Mirror, £517.29, Sanctuary Bathrooms.  

For even smaller changes, opt for new toilet brush holders, elegant soap dispensers or toilet roll holders. Always try to find matching accessories that complement your bathroom’s style and colour theme. 

4. Get your bathroom guest-ready: Clear out the clutter 

Take a look inside your bathroom cabinet and on your shelves. It’s highly likely that you’ll have some empty bottles or containers lying around. Create the illusion of more space with a simple clear out of all your empty or out of date products. Also, be sure to read the labels to check if the packaging is recyclable.  

a guest bathroom with an oak storage cupboard underneath a white rectangular basin with a matt black tap
Milano Oxley Golden Oak Wall-Hung Vanity with Countertop Basin, £329.99, Big Bathroom Shop.

Before tidying away your products, give the insides of your cupboards, cabinets and shelves a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. This is because you should get rid of any residue, dust or dirt before filling them with products. Once you’ve created a bit of extra space, you’ll be able to arrange your products neatly. 

To really give it that ‘hotel feel’ consider adding some storage solutions or containers such as these glass jars with trays. They’re perfect for essentials such as cotton wool, bath salts or soap. 

5. Inject a signature scent

A quick and easy way to prep your bathroom for arrivals is by adding a soothing, fresh scent to the room. This should create a sense of tranquillity, whether through essential oils, diffusers or candles. Opt for scents that are known to create a calming, relaxing atmosphere.  

two wax candles and a reed diffuser in front of gold curtains
Get your bathroom guest-ready: Photography: Unsplash / @mary_skr.

Rosemary and Eucalyptus are a known to be stress-relieving aromas and this pairing is often used in spas and wellbeing centres. Alternatively, citrus scents such as lemon and bergamot will give your bathroom that fresh, clean and uplifting feel. To create a calming, relaxing haven for your guests, try classic lavender. 

6. Add some bathroom friendly plants

You’ll want to keep your bathroom looking minimal and uncluttered, but adding plants can really help bring it to life. There are plenty of plants that love moist environments and need little light, making them perfect for the bathroom.  

an oak bathroom with black handles and a white countertop with two round white basins and chrome taps
Photography: Unsplash / collovhome.

You might consider snake plants, as they require little maintenance. Or eucalyptus, as they can be hung in the shower whilst it runs to release essential oils (this also acts as a great decongestant). A heart-leaf philodendron is also perfect as this plant loves to be kept in damp, humid environments. They’re all great for adding a touch of greenery to your bathroom shelves.  

Featured image: Graff Designs.

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